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(Posted 10:49 PM PST, July 27, 2006)


If you haven't already noticed, I'm a big movie buff. All kinds of movies,
too. I'm no snob (yep, I joined millions of others in loving the latest
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest), but I do love the indies.
My fave this year is The Oh in Ohio, starring Parker Posey, Danny
DeVito, Paul Rudd, and Mischa Barton, with fab cameos by Liza Minelli
and Heather Graham. All are well cast, and at the top of their game. As
always, Parker glows, and gets the essence of her character, a frigid
pro-biz city cheerleader for the city of Cleveland (which looks
beautiful in the movie), who learns to unwind–maybe not in time to
save her marriage, but at least she saves herself. I've never seen
DeVito so tender and poignant (as well as funny), and Rudd's honesty
while in couples counseling is some of the funniest dialogue I've ever
heard….maybe because it's so real, if the laughs from the men around
me were any indication. Don't wait for the DVD, GO SEE IT NOW….

Amazon has optioned a book that it wants to see made into a movie:
Keith Donohue's bestselling novel "The Stolen Child." As it's exec
producer, it will play matchmaker between the property and a Hollywood
production company.  Wow, way to go Amazon. As both an author and a
former marketing/advertising pro, I congratulate you for thinking out
of the box by creating synergy (Oops!  Slipped into adspeak! Sorry. Old
habits are hard to break) between publishing's distribution channel,
and the film industry. The Internet is still an untapped tool. Since
its creation, however, Amazon is still one of its greatest innovators.
These author blogs are proof of that.

Oh, and, uh, btw
Amazon bigwigs: TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES is ready for its close-up, too.
Option, anyone? (Logline: A female personal assistant's POV on an
Entourage-like lifestyle. PS: Will settle for TV)…

RWA is happening in Atlanta this week. The official start was
Wednesday, but from what I hear, the hottest party has already taken
place. Atlanta-based author Stephanie Bond threw a posh li'l soiree in her midtown Atlanta loft. That crush included bestselling novelists Julie Kenner and Allison Brennan, as well as two authors who I just can't get enough of: Karin Tabke and Wendy Wax, to name just a few. What a great way for Stephanie to celebrate the August 1st release of her new book, BODY MOVERS.
BTW, both Julie and Wendy have new releases, and Karin's is coming out
the first week in September, so follow the links here, and take a look
at what you have in store for you. You'll understand why I'm so

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