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(Posted 9:45 AM PST, June 15, 2006)


Only in Marin, as the saying goes:

My tax accountant, Robert Brownstein, is also Burning Man's
infamous sheik (and, more appreciatevely, I'm sure, that organization's
tax accountant as well). Whereas we all have multifaceted
personalities, Robert is one of those rare individuals who lets them all hang out, simultaneously.

Those of you who know of Burning Man will take this as a double
entendre, but seriously, I don't mean it that way! Robert has the good
sense to cover up during this week-long love-and art fest in the Black
Rock Desert. He's been to enough of these to see what kind of damage
the sand, wind, and sunburn can do to naked skin .  . .

Which is why, when he was roaming around Mill Valley's Sycamore Park's fundraiser, he decided to bid on MilVali Salon's
"Pretty Party", which is another kind of love fest all together: one in
which you bond with your gal pals for an evening of pampering
pleasures, including tinting, waxing, and make-overs.

Deb and Jessika, the two wonderful women who own the shop, have put
together a great anti-wrecking crew who specialize in all those things
we women (and men, too) need in order to maintain our girlish facades,
in a warm, cozy and completely comfortable environment that is not at
all intimidating, but thoroughly captures the earthy essence of Mill
Valley. In fact, my Brazilian was practically painless, thanks to
Jessika's expert touch and funny asides, and Deb's make-up artistry,
utilizing products from her custom mineral line, had me looking as
great as I felt.

Because my pals–the hot cops novelist Karin Tabke and her hunky hubby, the poet Gary Tabke–had lent us her actor/director Dennis Leary's RESCUE ME DVD
collection (including his station house's fire chief's rant about men
getting bikini waxes), Martin and I had been getting night-after-night
megadoses of testoserone-driven angst, so Robert's Pretty Party
invitation came just at the right time. Any guy with a consulting
business should take a page out of Robert's book: get your female
clients together in a wonderful let-your-hair-down setting like that,
to meet and mingle, and believe me, they'll be your clients–or better
yet, friends--for life.

Besides, it's just great to have a straight guy in your life who
also happens to be so comfortably in touch with his metrosexual side.

Or, in Robert's case, a chic sheik.

Happily part of his harem,


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