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(Posted 6:56 PM PST, February 1, 2006)

I'm a busy little bee during Oscar time, as
it gives me tons of fodder for my books. If you already have your copy
of TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES then you know that several scenes–including the
climactic last scene–pertain to the Academy Awards (both of my heroine
Hannah's main squeezes, Louis and Mick, are nominated for Oscars, as
well as Golden Globes). I do heavy research on all the whos, whats and
wheres: not just who attends, but who pampers them prior to the event.
(hair, clothes, jewels, make-up, publicity). It's a lot of fun for me,
because like you, I live vicarioiusly through my books' characters!

biggest night also plays an integral part in my next book, IMPOSSIBLY
TONGUE TIED (Avon Trade; Release Date is November 21, 2006)  when the
husband of my heroine, Nina Harte, is invited to go with his
co-star–without Nina! That bad boy! Trust me, total fireworks….

As for my own Oscar predictions here they are:

Best Picture: CRASH
Best Actress: (Ladies first, right:?) Reese
Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Sorry, Joaquin and Terrence, both of you were fab, but Philip WAS Truman!!!)
Best Supporting Actress:
Rachel Weisz (A stunning performance–which should have been put in the
Best Actress category….which would have left this category in
Catherine Keener's very capable hands)
Best Supporting Actor:
George Clooney (Again, I would have loved to have seen him in the Best
Actor category, because I felt he was the lead…but as far as I'm
concerned George deserves any award he wants!)

Want to put in your dibs on these Academy Awards categories? email me at JosieBrownAuthor@yahoo.com.

will I spend my Oscar night? Unfortunately, not preening to the
paparazzi on the red carpet. However, girls still wanna have fun,
right? So on Oscar night (Sunday, 3/5/06, 5:30pm), I'll be in Hot ‘n'
Heavy Houston, Texas, partying down with 250 other women. Besides
watching the stars strut their stuff, I'll be reading from TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES.

The event is being sponsored by Crave Party Houston,
and takes place at the Fox Sports Grill, in the Galleria, at 5175
Westheimer Road, 77056. For more information, call Crave Party Houston
at (832) 607-4081, or (206) 390-1989. As you see, I've also provided a
link, where you can reserve online.

Smile pretty for the cameras,

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