Tube Boobette…

(Posted 3:16 PM PST, June 5, 2006)

Okay, I'll say it, both loud and proud:

I'm a tube boobette.

Deadwood begins
its new season this Sunday, June 11th, on HBO (9pm HBO E & W). This
is its third season, and it only gets better. The writing if vivid, the
actors have their characters down pat, and every moment counts. It's
serial TV at its best. Thank you, thank you, thank you, David Milch,
for multidimensional characters!

On Monday, June 5th, tune into Lifetime Network for Lovespring International. This improvisational sitcom (ala Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, and my personal fave, The Office), where
you can expect the acting to be as funny, insightful and off-the-wall
as you find in any Christopher Guest flick (Best in Show, Waiting for
Guffman, Mighty Wind). In fact, one of Guest's usual suspects, Jane
Lynch, is a star of the show. I'm hoping that Lifetime becomes free
cable's version of HBO. This is certainly a step in the right

If you didn't catch the season finale of Big Love,
you missed some of the best acting on TV this season! Jeanne
Tripplehorn deserves the Best Actress Emmy for that episode–and Chloe
Sevigny should also get one for Best Supporting. Their nuanced
performances, as "sister wives" to Bill Hudson's nice-guy, polygamist,
demonstrated a poignancy that  puts this show in a whole other

Always boob tubin',

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