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(Posted 11:42 PM PST, March 29, 2006)


Many authors (and certainly the majority of
agents and publishers) will tell you that book signings are a lot of
hassle.  Personally, I enjoy them, for a lot of reasons.

But mostly, for the karma.

Yeah, yeah, I know: that sounds SO Left
Coast. That's okay. I can own that. Just like I own up to the hassle
factor of these events, because no doubt about it, signings and
readings are time consuming. Not only do you have to take time away
from what you should be doing first and foremost–writing–but you've also got to put in some travel time, sometimes several hours and thousands of miles if you're going out of town.

signings aren't cheap. The odds that your publisher is going to pick of
the tab is rare in this day and age, unless you're a bestselling
author, or it's written into your book contract.  That leaves the onus
on you (or, if you care to part with some portion if not ALL of your
advance, a publicist or book promoter) to make all the arrangements:
with some bookseller, and perhaps with other authors, clearing the date
and time, remembering to send out press releases to the local media and
submitting event listings, sending out  invitations or email notices to
friends, families and fans, print up flyers….

And you still end up praying that someone–ANYONE–shows up.

will. And in many cases they are familiar faces who already appreciate
your labor of love, your sense of humor, or your inspiring words…

Almost as much as you appreciate them, too, for just being there for you.

other writers come to show their support. Certainly it is an honor when
another published author takes time out of his or her busy schedule to
listen to you pontificate on your motivation,
plot, and those characters who, you hope, have jumped off the page and
into the hearts of readers.

But believe it or not, I am even more appreciative of the aspiring
authors who show up. While they
have yet to find a home for their stories, in their faces I can
actually feel the heat of desire for the pubication of their own great
tales. Being at the signing of published authors gives them proof that,
eventually, all this hard work eventually pays off. In the meantime,
they will support thier luckier friends, or the writers whose words and
stories have inspired them to keep at their craft.

At my booksigning in San Jose this past weekend, I had the privilege of sitting at a table with four other authors–Karin Tabke, Jennifer Skully, Bella Andre and Barbara Plum. Each
one of them brought great reads, enthusiasm for their craft, and
insights for the aspiring writers in the group. I learned something new
from each and every one of them.

And for sure, they also brought some wonderful karma.

I know this because just this morning I found out that one of the
aspiring authors in our audience was offered a four-book deal. Her name
is Camy Tang, and I know we will see some great things from her….

And I look forward to going to her signings, too…

And getting some of her karma. That's only fair, right?

Dudette, where's my karma,


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