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(Posted 3:42 PM PST, September 26 2006)

Hey! Heads up! Tomorrow is the launch date for my new weekly column on M.J. Rose's renowned pub industry blog, BUZZ, BALLS, HYPE. I'll be riffing on authors, books and branding, which, if M.J. and I have our way, will ALWAYS go in lockstep. We both came out of the ad industry and feel that the publishing world would grow by leaps and bounds if it incorporated some of the marketing and promotional tricks that are tried and true in the selling of other products.  I'll try to touch on some of these each week. Feel free to email me there–or here, for that matter–with your comments.

I JUST LOVE LAUNCH PARTIES FOR BOOKS…particularly other peoples” books, since I'm always so angst-ridden at my own!  Last week, I went to two of them: My friends Melody Biringer, who started the awesome  CRAVE PARTY conglomerate, released CRAVE PARTY SAN FRANCISCO: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE PLACES WOMEN CRAVE IN SAN FRANCISCO. The book truly is an urban girl's manifesto of the most unique clothing boutiques, pampering services and tasty boites around the city–all women-owned businesses. Best yet,  this little pocket-sized guide is a work of art in itself: its pages are glossy, it's crammed with wonderful color photos of every locale mentioned, and it is filled with  wonderful interviews of some of these women business owners. It's truly inspriring–and in some cases, mouthwatering…

Karin Tabke‘s launch party for the first book in her HOT COPS trilogy, was the place to be on Saturday!  Barnes & Noble/Antioch was the sponsoring bookstore, and the line out the door of fans who wanted to get their personally autographed copies is proof positive that Karin has a winning series on her hands. It's a tasty bonbon of a read (I gobbled it up in, like maybe a 26-hour stretch!) about a female cop who goes undercover in a strip club, to stop a white slavery ring. The sex scenes are sizzling. Karin could run a masters (mistress?) class in writing naughty and nuanced–but she'd have her hands full (literally and figuratively) with all the guyz who'd show up!

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