A Predawn Postcoital Conversation between a Couple Married a Decade+…

(Posted 8:42 AM PST, October 4, 2006)

He, at
7:24am (with a blissful sigh): Hey…I'd like to take you out on a REAL date—

She (No words; just dolphin-like shrieks of joy….)

He: So, why don't we meet back at, say, 7…I'm thinking we can eat at Max's Deli, and then maybe catch the 9 o'clock showing of JESUS CAMP at the Rafael…

She: Yeah….uh….okay. That's certainlyromantic.

He: Hey, and can you wear something–you know, lowcut? Like a REAL date?

She (Still feeling joy, albeit less dolphin-like). Yeah, sure. Whatever…


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