Flyin’ High…

(Posted 8:58 AM PST, October 25, 2006)

 Just came back from a weekend with our pals, Jean and Berney, at their getaway place in Lake of the Ozarks, MO.  Great time of year to be there: crystal blue skies, colorful leaves, and more than a bit of a chill in the air…

To get there, I flew into Kansas City. I love Southwest. It's the easiest way to travel in the world! And since I'm not a great flyer, it's good to have happy-pappy people on your plane, and most of their staff is VERY easy going. 

It helped, too, that the equipment we were on was brand spanking new, and that there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The woman welcoming us, though, wasn't dressed in the usual Southwest flight attendant garb (khakis and an Oxford button-down) but a white shirt…with stripes on the sleeve–

Yep, she was our pilot.  And the co-pilot was a woman, too. As was the whole flight staff. Or as she put it in that sweet, calming tone of hers: "Yes, ladies and gents, you're on an ‘un-manned' flight!"

At first my heart did a little hop, skip and jump. I looked around me, and since there was no mad rush out the door, I realized that I was possibly being the most chavinistic person on the plane. I mean, I write about strong women, so yeah, of course I should believe that strong women are everywhere —

Even up in the clouds.

In fact, I know one personally: Susan Grant, a saucy, sexy United pilot who also just so happens to write wonderful Sci Fi romance novels set in the future, about female fighter pilots who save the world–

And the guy.

Well, my pilot gave me one of the smoothest flights I've ever had.  And if she detected even a tiny bump up ahead, we heard from her, in that soothing best-fifth-grade-teacher-in-the-world voice she has, that we were not to worry, because she was going to ensure that it didn't bother us one bit…

It just goes to show you that empowered women show the rest of us that even the sky is not the limit.


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