The Good Clooney…


(Posted 9:05 PM PST, December 4, 2006)

Hunka hunka burn'in' luv, George Clooney, has had a loss in his family.

His Vietnamese potbellied pig, Max.

Georgie, I feel your pain. Hey, can I kiss it and make it better?

Okay, to be honest, I'm no Renee.

Or Kelly.

Or even Teri. (Okay, in the klutziness department I'm closer to Teri than any of your other former flings; but I've read BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY at least three times, so that should count for something….right?

Oh, this should seal the deal: I own a shitzhu.

Not exactly a pig, but hey, they have long lives, too. And they're bug-eyed, and therefore apt to go blind, just like Max did…

In fact, Lucky has a cateract. Does that count?

No, in all seriousness, I'm in love with your mind — AND your body….of work.

Three Kings: U rock.
Solaris: Yep, got it. (Dylan Thomas. GENIUS….)
Welcome to Collingwood is a perennial in my view corridor.
Syriana? Sadly, the essence of truthiness.
And O, Brother, Where Art Thou? Truly a classic. It will be your masterpiece…
As for The Good German? It's got everything I love: a '40's feel, filmed in black-and-white…
and you. So, yeah, I'm there.

Bottom line, George: Thanks for always pushing the envelope…Or sealing it back up, which in some cases, may be more appropriate.

Always in awe,




What's it about? 

Sex.  Celebrity. Scandal.  Just another fun day in Hollywood…

over Hollywood, men are dialing O. Her steamy naughty talk fills them
with lust and longing, and helps them perform like the studs they claim
to be.

truth, the industry’s favorite phone sex operator is Nina Harte, a
struggling actress who has put her career on hold so that her husband,
Nathan, can pursue his own dreams of stardom. When Nathan's career
takes off, so does he, leaving Nina and their four-year-old son, Jake,
for his diva costar, Katerina McPherson. Then "Kat ‘n' Nat" are crowned
the media's newest celebrity sweethearts, and Kat labels Nina an unfit
mother in order to win custody of Jake, just so that she can have that
highly-coveted celebrity accessory—an adorable child—sans any unsightly
stretch marks.The one person who does care about Nina is
Nathan’s agent, Sam Godwin. In fact, he’s in love with her. And because
he has both a heart and a conscience, Sam feels guilty for having put
Nat in Kat's path in the first place….

So how will he feel when he finds out that Nin and O are one and the same?


Read An Excerpt of IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED here!

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