Say It Ain’t So, Tobey!

Spiderman3jpgOkay, yeah, sure, I'd heard that the reviews were mediocre.

Maybe even . . . stinko.

Still, I had to see if for myself.

Martin didn't want to go. He wanted to remember Spidey on a high note. The tears I shed in Spider-Man 2, when he was nearly killed on the L-Train, but everyone on the runaway train helped out. And when he was de-masked, they all marveled that their hero was just a boy. A boy who was  trying to save New York. Trying to save them.

Like Spider-Man 1, 2, had feeling. Pathos. And great special effects.

As for Spider-Man 3, well, 1 out of three is . . .


No, no pathos in the movie. Just another pathetic special effects movie.

Seriously, though, it's not the special effects that make it pathetic. It's the sad goofiness of poor Tobey Maguire in those scenes where he had to pretend to be a player.

Like, what WAS that? The producers' revenge, for paying him so much?

Frankly, I hope the dough was worth it, because it is a BIG comedown from The Ice Storm and Pleasantville.

And–unfortunately for those of us who love our superheroes larger in life again and again and again–it's a comedown from S-M 1 and S-M 2, too.

Is the the acting? No, not really. As always, a great movie starts with a great script. This one stinks.

If Tobey had said no, he could have gone out with his head held high. Or, at least he could have held out for a better script down the road.

But money talks. When it does, sometimes careers take a hike.

Tobey, I know you love to gamble. I'm just hoping that you'll find other roles to gamble on. So that you don't lose the biggest prize of all:

Your career.

Fool me for #3 shame on you. Fool me for #4…

Well, let's just say I won't be back for #4.  I wonder how many others feel that way…



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