“On the Lot” Rocks…

I'm watching Spielberg's new realty show, ON THE LOT. The judges are three of my faves: playah/director Brett Ratner; the wittiest actress/author in Hollywood, Carrie Fisher (the fabulous Debbie Reynolds' daughter); and feel-good movie director/producer Garry Mashall.  Thus far, Marshall's had the best line. I'm paraphrasing here, but in a nutshell: To a profusely sweating contestant who was given a logline at random, and then given 24 hours to come up with his pitch–and blows it: "Hey, shooting a movie costs $100,000 a day. No one is going to give that kind of money to someone who comes off nervous."

The same goes for books. Which is why you've got to believe in your project. It deserves to be published. But that means convincing an agent, and doing such a great job at it–both in your query and in the manuscript you deliver–that you make your agent's job easy. Then s/he will be enthusiastic if you are about it, and will convince the right editor to publish it.

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  1. Josie, I’m loving On The Lot. I tuned in to see them pitch (wanted to compare to books) and got sucked in. Directing in Hollywood must be even more of a crapshoot then writing and singing. LOL

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