Orange (Prison Orange, that is) Is the New Black

Hiltonwax_narrowweb__300x4190 Looks like Paris Hilton has started another trend.  If newspaper accounts are accurate, both gal pals Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan will be doing time, ala the Devine Ms. P.

Madame Tussauds in New York commemorated Paris' unfortunate incarceration with this makeover. Granted, Paris is model thin enough to wear horizontal stripes. And with her pro catwalk pose, she can carry off any outfit.

I am a bit worried that stripes might have helped Nicole look beefier than she'd like, and driven her toward a hunger strike. Thank gawd prison pret-a-porter has moved on to solid hues—albeit a glaring orange. The good news is that Nicole will only getting four days. Not much of a hunger strike—unless you're 85 pounds, like Nicole.

LiLo's forced vacation will likely be a bit longer. By then, her hair may have grown out to its natural auburn hue. I hope so. It was one of the features that set her apart, both in looks and personality.Well, that, and at one time she could REALLY act. Better yet, she cared to do so.  Them were the days . . .

I'm ready for Gen Y to morph Gen Why, and celebrate the actresses in their generation who revel in their craft. How about starting with Natalie Portman, who, since age twelve, when she starred in The Professional (Leon), has been showing pure genius in her craft, and using her fame and fortune to promote worthy causes. 

Now, THAT'S hot.


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