Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Prequel

Hilaryfile Man, talk about a blast from the past.

Seems that Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s old high school buddy of Senator (and presidential candidate) kept every letter she wrote to him while both were off at college: between late summer 1965 and spring 1969.

The guy—an English prof in SoCal—has thirty missives from her. They chronicle her political soul-searching from born-and-raised Republican to fresh-faced, free-thinking Democrat.

Now, THAT's the Hillary I'd vote for.

If only she hadn't grown up. 

(Maybe if we all clap our hands three times….Sorry. Wishful thinking.)

Some of the ironies between the Hillary of then and now:

1.  She admits to having gone through several personality metamorphosis. (Something we all did at that age, but ain't so cute in a 50-something senator…)

2.  She realizes the potential of others around her; or as she puts it, she has "not yet reconciled myself to the fate of not being the star.” (No problems there…)

3. She is outraged by the inaction of others. (I'm sure THIS hasn't changed…Particularly now that she's in the Senate.)

The most enlightening revelation: her realization that life is, in and of itself, is absurd, so "why couldn’t I spend
it absurdly happy?” She then challenges herself to “define ‘happiness’ Hillary Rodham, acknowledged
agnostic intellectual liberal, emotional conservative.”

I hope that definition now includes an America NOT at war. And with a universal healthcare plan for ALL its citizens.

Well, if she wins I guess we'll get the prequel as a made-for-TV movie. 

Can't wait.

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