MJ: A Rose by Any Other Name Couldn’t Be Sweeter

My pal MJ Rose's new book, THE REINCARNATIONIST, is out. It's a must-read on several lists. Hopefully yours, too.

MJ is all great karma, a consumate schmoozer and one helluva networking diva. But more than that: an author who helps other writers, with an open heart.  I was so glad to stumble across this wonderful piece about that wonderful  MJ magic, written by Publishers Weekly‘s Bethanne Patrick.

Read it and weep,


Post-BEA-O-Rama: My Friend M.J.
June 7, 2007

It's a week after the BEA festivities began, and I've still got so
many names, ideas, books, authors, parties, and meals floating through
my mind… tell me, please, which galley you nabbed that you're most
excited about.

One that I got is The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose, which was one of the Buzz Panel choices this year:

"Mira Books executive editor Margaret Marbury's primary message to booksellers about M.J. Rose's forthcoming thriller, The Reincarnationist
(September), is that it will appeal to a broad audience, including
historical fiction fans, suspense readers and those with an interest in
Eastern and Western religions. Rose's ninth novel has received a slew
of advance praise, including a nod from Shelf Awareness‘s Marilyn Dahl, who deemed it ‘exhilarating.'"

I've known M.J. Rose for several years, and let me tell you
— if, as I said in an earlier post, Brad Meltzer is the nicest guy in
publishing, Rose is the nicest doll (sorry, I just can't bring myself
to use the world "gal"). She is supportive of other novelists, agents,
working writers, and media. I know I'm not the only friend whom she
supports both personally and professionally, because every time I'm
with her (as I was last Thursday night at the Galley Cat party), she
introduces me to other people with M.J. stories. Congratulations, M.J. You, of all authors, deserve this buzz. I'm having a great time reading The Reincarnationist and would love to hear from anyone else who has read/been reading it, too.

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June 8, 2007
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(Post-)BEA-O-Rama: My Friend M.J.
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