WGA ALL THE WAY! What the Average Viewer Needs To Know About the Hollywood Writers’ Strike

Take a minute to view the online video, created by striking television writers, that tells their side of the story. If you weren't already aware of it, currently writers get only a 2 1/2% residual on their broadcasted  shows. Their royalties on any DVDs based on their work, however, is a lot less:  20 YEARS AGO–when the medium was new–they agreed to take an 80% cut, to help grow the medium. On, say, a $19.99 DVD, that's only 4 cents (!!!).

Well, according to the New York Times [June 13, 2006], "…Though sales
are no longer growing at double-digit rates, consumers in the United
States still buy about $16 billion worth of DVD's a year…"

The Times goes on to write: "But the amount that studios make on rentals pales compared to how
much they make when consumers buy discs. Studios earn $17.26 for each
DVD they sell…"

As for internet and cable downloads,despite having no manufacturing, shipping, or warehousing costs,  the studios still want to to pay the same lousy 4 percent.

Another unfair deal: If you view your fave show on a network website or something like HULU.com, you should know that, while the sites make money on the ads they imbed or run alongside the show (estimated to bring in $4.6 billion over the next three years), THE WRITERS GET PAID NOTHING.

That's right,BUPKUS.

Because the networks list it under "promotion" to get out from under their obligation for paying the writers.

Think about it if, like me, you LOVELOVELOVE The Office, or Grey's Anatomy, or Desperate Housewife, or ANY show with sharp, wonderful writing, be prepared to lose it.

Or you can support the writers, by emailing the networks to BE FAIR.

Now click over to UNITED HOLLYWOOD and show your support. As the slugline sez: "We're all on the same page."

(You can tell a pro came up with THAT one…)

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