General Motors RIP: Memories of the Cars from Our Youth

Bel-aire The first car I knew in my childhood was my parents' Chevy Bel-Air, similar to the one in the picture, here. Alas, this is not it. Ours was Hot pink and white, and I presume my dad got a break on the price, or otherwise he would have chosen another color. The turquoise model was more his style.

I do remember the day we traded it in for a spankin' brand new Delta 88, sort of an olive green, with a wonderful soft green ribbed interior. That new car smell is unforgettable,isn't it? The perfume of a successful life…

I lived in the South, where you learned to drive at twelve, and real men drove muscle cars. I had my fair share of boyfriends with Trans-Ams, Camaros, Firebirds, and ‘Cudas.

But a married a guy who didn't drive until he was halfway through college. His first car was a Volkswagen Beetle.

Now, that's a Manhattanite for you.

The New York Times is running a pictorial of readers' reminisces of their favorite GM cars. Click here to see it.

Here's my two cents for GM, and every other car company looking for a second lease on life:  We love the lean, sleek designs; we just don't like the piddly gas milage that comes with it.

That said, do away with our dependence on gas completely. Make it electric, and keep it classic.

Vrooom, Vrooom,


One thought on “General Motors RIP: Memories of the Cars from Our Youth

  1. The Chevy Bel Air is gorgeous… Its definitely a classic and very nostalgic when it comes to memories of being young and my teenage years.

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