The Stay at Home Dad Ponders DILF-dom

Dilf-225x300 Interesting the response I get to the title of my book (out Summer 2010) The DILF. Those under 40 give knowing chuckles, whereas my pals over that watershed year nod enthusiastically…

Then pause and ask: "What's a DILF?"

Hmmm….So, how do I explain this?

The easiest way is to say, "It's the opposite of a MILF. Get it?"

If then I get the glazed I-don't-know-what-the-heck-you're-talking-about-stare, I'll give it one more stab: "You know, a stay-at-home-dad who's…well, who–is cute."

If someone then says, "But–wouldn't that be 'DWIC''?" at this point, I'm thinking that my friend is..well, is DWIC'ing with me.

Having been put on the spot, I'll level with them: "What it stands for, exactly, is 'Dad I'd Like to…um…Flirt With.'"

And if by then they still don't get it, or they ask "So, why doesn't you acronym have that last W?'"… I'll just refer them to this very succinct article by

Coz, yeah, that dude gets it,


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