The PLAYBOY EMPIRE, Without Hefner (Christie, That Is): Can It Survive?


I'm always in awe of women who can make it in a man's world.

I've been particularly proud of how well Christie Hefner was able to run her father's magazine  — not to mention expand it both as a video and online brand — and still prove to be the consummate liberated woman. This article, in the New York Times, is a slight but insightful profile as to how one woman stepped out from behind the shadow cast by her father.

Now here's the big question: now that she's retired, what will happen to the Hefner empire?

My guess is a brand buy-out.

Good management starts from the top and works its way down — but unfortunately for him, Hugh likes to stay horizontal.

Ah, well.

Your comments welcomed…

Sometimes bunnies aren't so funny,



Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives

from Simon & Schuster/Downtown Press,
September 2010

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