Mr Wrong: With This Guy, You Know it in 5 minutes. And guess what? So does he…


How do you know when he's Mr. Wrong?

Nope, it has nothing to do with how he looks, or what he's wearing.

It has everything to do with his attitude.

This comes out in what he says to you, the look in his eye, and all the little things he does to put you on the offense.

Dude, really: you call that courting? 

My friend Melanie Nayer,'s fabulous Travel Editor, had a too-close encounter with a guy who is the  epitome of everything that makes up a Mr. Wrong. Seriously, you have to read her post, because I can't do it justice.  Just click here…

Hey ladies, if you think you can beat her story, I'm (and she's) all ears.



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