Buy a Book Today! Your Incentive: Great Coupons, Below…

Womanbook Haven't bought your weekly allotment of books? Well lucky ducky,
your timing is sublime (for once; speakin' for myself here, peeps…)

I've got a couple of great discounts for you. All you have to do is order online, at either Barnes & Noble or Borders.

I love supporting my favorite authors. Even if you were one of the first ones out the door for your copy of Dan Brown's latest, The Lost Symbol, I'm sure you've completed that LONG ago — little speed reader that you are — so, yep, it's time to hit the bookstore again.

I just want to give you yet another reason to go in and buy another wonderful book,



Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives
Simon & Schuster/Pocket

Look for it in bookstores
September 2010

Barnesandnoblelogo  At

Save an additional 10% off one item with coupon code: H8J3U7N.
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Attention B&N Members! Save an additional 15% off one item with coupon code: P3W3U8W.
Dates: Ends 10/18


40% off list price of any book
Valid until 10/13/09
Coupon code BAF1013B

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