Jon & Kate Plus 8: Show Pulled by Jon Gosselin

Jon-and-kate-plus-8 ABC TV reports that Jon Gosselin won't let the TLC Network film his kids anymore.

Thank gawd.

As a mom, I've been appalled at the show concept, even before Kate and Jon went Splitsville. Didn't the Dionne Sextuplets teach us anything?

Like, say, not make our kids feel like freaks? And to let them know they have individual personalities?

Not to mention how being gawked at as a collective unit has affected their psyches in the long run.

And purely considering it as for television programming, let's face it: the show is boring as hell.

Come on, admit it: if the camera crew weren't following them around and these people lived next door to you, wouldn't you start talking to realtors about putting your house on the market?

"As you can see, it has marble countertops, a triple garage, and a media room to die for. . .And, um, oh yeah: how much do I have to disclose about the Octo-Couple next door? You know, with the obnoxious wife, her philandering hubby,  and their very loud brood?"

Some day, when Trivia Pursuit puts out a game about the 'OO decade, I'm sure the question for the Gosselin's cultural contribution will include the phrase "train wreck" or the word "implosion."

Seriously, it wasn't pretty — and yet so many of us gawked anyway.

Shame on us — and pass the microwave popcorn,



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September 2010

TLC: No More 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' After November

Jon Gosselin May Keep Kids Off TV for Good


Oct. 15, 2009—

First the marriage, now the franchise: the Gosselins may soon be off TV for good.

"'Jon & Kate Plus 8' will be done in mid to late November," a TLC spokeswoman told today, declining to comment further.

According to Radar Online,
TLC will craft a few more episodes of the show with unused footage: Jon
Gosselin recently forbade the network from filming any new video of his
eight kids.

"Basically we've put a halt on the show," Jon Gosselin's
manager Mike Heller told People magazine earlier this month. "Jon has
been talking to TLC for a long time to cut back on the production and
still honor his contract — because it's been getting in the way of his
family, his children are complaining."

If Jon Gosselin changes his mind, his kids and ex-wife could be
featured in "Kate Plus 8," TLC's planned spinoff of the soon-to-end
series. If not, it could be a long time before the Gosselins come back
to TV.

The development comes as Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce grows
ever more nasty. Jon was ordered to reimburse the crumbling couple's
joint bank account to the tune of nearly $200,000 eariler this week.

The Gosselin's respective lawyers met with a court-appointed
arbitrator Tuesday to iron out the couple's economic issues — namely
that Kate Gosselin, who wants child and spousal support, has accused
her ex of taking $230,000 from their joint bank account. Talking to
"The Insider" last week, Jon Gosselin countered that he only took
$22,000, which he said shouldn't matter to the mother of his kids
because she has money hidden away.

But according to, today, Jon Gosselin was ordered to
return $180,000 of the funds he withdrew from the account. If he
doesn't repay the money by Oct. 26, he'll have to appear before the
judge for a contempt proceeding.

"The remaining sum of $55,000, which Ms. Gosselin used for
household bills and expenses relating to the children, will be subject
to further determination by the arbitrator at a later date," Kate
Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Momjian, said.

Jon Gosselin: I'm Jewish Now

Kate Gosselin was also ordered to show financial records by the same date.

"All the attorneys on both sides worked very hard," Jon Gosselin's
lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said in a statement. "We were very pleased
with the outcome of the court proceedings and the arbitration session.
We are very hopeful that there will soon be a resolution."

Although his financial and career situation appears to be in flux, Jon Gosselin's religious life is not, as he gets ready to celebrate a new "plus eight": the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Jon Gosselin, who claims he's half Jewish, said he plans to rediscover his faith and toast "family values" with girlfriend Hailey Glassman this holiday season.

"This is the first year I will celebrate Hanukkah," he told
in an interview posted on the site Oct. 9. "Hailey is Jewish. Everyone
in my life is Jewish now, my attorney. I love it. I'm now half Jewish
and half Korean. The family values are great. On Christmas, I'll see my
kids during the day for a couple of hours."

Jon Gosselin also gabbed about his love for all things Jewish,
including challah bread, keeping kosher and discovering the New York
City grocery store Zabar's, founded by the gourmand Eli Zabar.

"I just went through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and learned
about the New Year and every Friday is the Shabbat dinner," he said. "I
love challah bread. I'm learning about Jewish food, going to Zabar's. I
love that place. I'm learning about kosher and when not to order a
bacon, egg and cheese and make an ass of myself. Hailey makes fun of

"My mom came to the city on Yom Kippur and asked where all the
traffic was. I got from the West Side to Midtown in five minutes. She
wants to come to the city every year on Yom Kippur."

ABC News' Taryn Winter Brill, Lindsay Goldwert and Kate McCarthy contributed to this report.

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