D’oh! The Simpsons: Enter the Contest to Name a New Character

Homer-Simpson-3 When my son graduated from high school, one of the questions asked on his senior yearbook form was who inspired him the most. I'm guessing the names Lincoln, or Jimmy Carter or Ghandi flitted through that pea soup he calls a brain, but the idol he finally settled on was HOMER SIMPSON.

Yup. Just the sort of thing that makes a mama proud, right?

In truth, Martin and I have no one to blame but ourselves. Both our children were weened on the TV show, so of course one of its characters would have made an impression. (Was it too much to ask for that to be Lisa?…Guess so…sigh...Well, at least it wasn't Comic Book Guy.)

I'm happy to report that said son enjoys philosophy and is wending his way through a degree in Journalism. Perhaps his idol, Homer, has instilled him with some heady lessons after all.

In honor of that — and THE SIMPSON's 20th anniversary — I'm using today's shout-out to encourage you to enter the show's contest to name a new character by clicking here.     

Should be a blast. And in typical Simpsonian form, the contest explains that the writers extended this invitation:

"For 20 years, the artists and writers of THE SIMPSONS have lovingly labored to create a parade of hilariously memorable characters beloved by the whole world. Well, that's all over now. The simple fact is, we're tired. Tired and, frankly too rich to care anymore. That's where YOU come in! While we coast on our long ago achievement, you have the chance to shame us off our lazy butts by designing your very own Simpsons character! (Come up with a great name and catchphrase, plus a brief description, and if you're selected as the winner, we'll bring you to Los Angeles to meet with an actual artist from THE SIMPSONS who will bring your character to life in the episode currently planned for January 31, 2010). Come on, people show us how it's supposed to be done. You'll have the satisfaction of creating a character seen by millions. And we'll have the satisfaction of not having to do our jobs."   

Homer couldn't have said it better,



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Simon & Schuster/Pocket
(ISBN: 9781439173176)

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September 2010

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