Stephanie Bond Loves SECRET LIVES – and I Love Stephanie Bond

Stephanie-and-Josie We authors are a needy bunch. I guess that's because, for the most part, we are shy people, used to holing up for hours (make that months) at a time to scribble out our next opus.

(Yeah, okay, who do I think I'm kidding?)

Which brings me to the topic of friendship.

I had the great fortune of meeting Stephanie Bond at a gathering of mostly authors, in my home town of Atlanta. I didn't know any of these women, but I will always appreciate the fact that they were gracious enough to come out to support my first novel, True Hollywood Lies. By then I'd been on the road for about three weeks and my voice was GONE. It was a small group, but I had to talk through a mike, anyway.

Thank God there was wine.

And Stephanie. Her sweetness and light got me through it.

We kept up with each other through the years, and whenever she was in my neck of the woods –  San Francisco — I would make it a point to spend time with her, show her the out-of-the-way views that are off the typical tourist locales. We'd meet up at author conventions and pick up just where we left off.

She is now one of my dearest friends.

Proof of friendship is that you aren't afraid to share your darkest days with someone. I can honestly say that she's been there for me when I needed her. The terminal illness of my mom was one. My husband's cancer (now in remission) was another.

I would be honored if she can say the same for me.

One of my happiest days was to hear from her that Sony Entertainment had optioned her series, The Body Movers, for television. Friends love it when something goes your way. She would feel the same if the shoe were on the other foot.

You'd think that would make it easy to ask her to read my novel and give me a few words that could be an endorsement, right?  Wrong. If you truly respect someone's opinion, you're always afraid that you won't–can't— live up to her exacting standards. 

I know Stephanie well enough that, had she not liked the book, she would have passed on giving a quote. Instead I got back a rave: both by her, and a girlfriend with whom she'd gone on a gal pal weekend.

Here it is. Pretty great, eh?

Now, when someone asks me if my book is good, I can say: "Stephanie Bond raved about it, so it must be!"

That makes my life easier — and makes it a must-read for you this summer (I hope I hope)!

Your review counts, too,


SecretLives400 Josie's
Next Book: Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives

Simon & Schuster/Downtown Press

(ISBN: 9781439173176)

In bookstores June 1, 2010. Order it

“Brown proves that a story with suburban bodies can be just as
suspenseful as one with dead bodies! Secret Lives of Husbands and
is a probing, entertaining fishbowl of married life in a
well-heeled, wayward neighborhood.  Loved it!”  Stephanie
Bond, author of
Body Movers series

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