What do Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and Houdini Have in Common? My Pecan Pie

HoudiniLives I was recently interviewed by MJ Rose as to my feelings regarding reincarnation — just in time for the mass paperback version of her new book, THE REINCARNATIONIST, to hit bookstores.

I don't mean to get all woo-woo on you, but I do believe that our souls sometimes linger on this earth, or take on another body, when the will seeks a different way to reach out and touch someone again.

Which brings me to my dinner with Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and Houdini, all of whom were wise men when it comes to cosmic conundrums. One of the questions she asked was to name three deceased people with whom I'd love to break bread. Talk about a hostess dilemma! Knowing me, I'd be caught up in the preparation of the food as opposed to the fact that I'M HAVING DINNER WITH THREE OF THE GREATEST MINDS THAT ONCE TREAD THE EARTH.

To put things in perspective, I shouldn't really be worrying about whether I'll burn the veggies when I grill them, or if my guests will fall in love with my homemade pecan pie because they'd be there solely (soul-ly?) for the company, and so would I.

Life (and death) happens,


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