Contestants in Josie’s “I Want To Be Your Secret Santa” Contest

Secret+santa Forget naughty! You guys have been SO NICE to enter my “Secret Santa Contest”!

Here are the list of who's in the running. In parenthesis is the chances you've got, thanks to your posts about the contest, and your friending me on Facebook and Twitter.

This contest ends Midnight PT, Christmas Day, December 25, 2010.

Good luck, and have a merry happy!




2cre8 (2x)

BethBookCoach (3x)

ChrisLam (1x)

Dovile (1x)

Ed N (1x)

Esme (4x)


Jenelle S (3x)

jill_james (1x)

Katherine R (5x)

Kelly M (1x)

Laura McL (1x)

Margo C (1x)

Mary J (5x)

Melissa A (8x)

MichBell (6x)

MissKallie2000 (17x)

Mona P (1x)

Mona G (2x)

Rae P (1x)

RobynL (2x)

Tabathia B (3x)

Theresa H (2x)

Shirley (1x)

SuzyQJenny (6x)

Vicki W (1x)

Wendy T (1x)


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