And the winner of my $100 bookstore gift card contest is….

Stacks-of-books Drumroll, please:

Gabby M., Scottsdale, AZ

Here's how I envision lucky Gabby's summer: she's found a cool spot somewhere outside in the early evening. Awarm breeze is flipping the pages of the book she's reading. It is just one of the many that surround her, there in her own private reading space.

If her husband can keep the tots at bay for an hour or two, she can get into some grand mystery, or a heart wrenching trajedy, or some tell-all Hollywood saga.

Or maybe it's The Baby Planner.

In any regard, enjoy, Gabby!

Everyone else: Thanks for joining. My next contest starts later this month, and celebrates The Housewife Assassin's Handbook. Want to get a jump on it? Read this excerpt…

Summer rocks in SO many ways,


HAH Hanging Man V2

Murder. Suspense. Sex. 
And some handy household tips.

Signal Press – Digital eBook 

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Also in in the Apple iBookstore!

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3 thoughts on “And the winner of my $100 bookstore gift card contest is….

  1. Wow, Kerri, that made my morning! Thanks for that! I’m working on a sequel of it now…
    Collen: It was so funny! I held my breath, wondering what name the book person was going to pull out of the bag. We had SO many entries, and many mulitples because of the Tweeting up component…. I’m sure Gabby SQUEEEEEEED loud when she got my email, LOL!

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