Blast from the Past:


While Googling any information I could find regarding an Alexander Calder mobile that used to hang in Atlanta's Colony Square building on West Peachtree (Hey! Got any info on it? If so, email me...) I ran across this blog from another artistic Calder: Jeff Calder, guitarist/vocalist with the Swimming Pool Q's, (a band that married  eloquent lyrics with elegant albeit esoteric album covers) who does a great job in retelling the history of Atlanta's New Wave music scene of the late 1970s through the 1990s.

My role in the Atlanta music scene at the time was infintisimal at best: in my late teens, I  worked at some of the local radio stations. So of course I saw the Q's perform, as well as  Daryl Rhodes and the HaHavishnu Orchestra. And let's not forget Thermos Greenwood and the Colored People (they painted their faces in rainbow hues…trust me, you had to be there…) 

Oh! And then there's the B-52s….

Jeff lived it so much harder than me, and has certainly written about it this well-played piece of Atlanta history in a way that does it justice. You can read it here.

Just goes to show you that there's always more to Atlanta than moonlight and magnolias.  Like, a rockin' downbeat.

— Josie


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