When did the price of a movie ticket get higher than minimum wage? That answer may surprise you.

Here's the math:

In 1958, minimum wage was $1.00, and the average cost of a movie ticket was 68 cents.

By 1967, minimum wage had increased to $1.40, wherease movie tickets were then $1.22.

By1977, minimum wage was now $2.30, and t a movie ticket cost $2.23.

In 1981, minim wage rose to $3.35, while ticket prices were $2.78.

Okay, now here's where it gets interesting…

While in 1989 minimum wage was still only $3.35, ticket prices leaped to $3.99 (!!!)

Figures as of 2010 are $7.25 for the minimum wage, and $7.89 for a movie ticket.

Today, minimum wage is still $7.25. But when you're paying $11.75 for a full-price movie ticket, it better be one helluva flick.

 Don't get me started on the cost of food in a movie theater.

Hold the popcorn,

— Josie


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* Federal Minimum Wage Rates 1955-2011 (Some states pay out higher than the minimum, by as much as a $1.00)

**National Association of Theater Owners

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