Monday Cat-astrophy: Kitty as Muse

I love a great close-up. Think Richard Avedon with Jean Shrimpton.

(Really, think Avedon with anyone. Or any thing. Could you imagine how wonderful he'd have been, with cats?

This photo taunts us to consider her striking a less pensive look, and makes us yearn for a simple, straight-on view of her beautiful face. Those whiskers! That blaze! She's a natural…

Avedon would have insisted on shooting her in black-and-white. Granted, we would have never realized the beauty of her lost-at-sea green eyes, and maybe the nuances between her strawberry fur and her white blaze–

But had he  taken on this green-eyed beauty as one of his
regulars, just think of the poses that would have come from her! 

Ah, well. We can only imagine.

— Josie



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