Spring Brings the Best Mama Drama Ever.



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Dear Readers,

I am very excited about this latest novel in the Totlandia series: #7: The Twosies – Spring. 

Spring brings new life and emotional renewal. For the five women we love (and love to hate) in the Totlandia series, this gave me the perfect opportunity to ratchet up the drama.

The sixth episodic novel ended with a wedding, but also with a relationship in peril: that of Ally and Brady. In this latest episode, you'll discover how Brady’s quest to reunite Ally with her father may be the one thing that will tear their relationship apart. 

Also, in Book 6: the last scene left Bettina with a major dilemma: In Book 7, you'll find out if she succumbed to an easy fix for her problems, or if she embraces the challenge that may lead to the financial and emotional freedom she craves.

TargetDogBestAt the same time, Bettina’s mysterious disappearances are adding to Lorna’s anxieties to keep the club on an even keel up until she delivers her twins. Little does she know that a cruel trick by the power-hungry Kelly will curdle Lorna’s relationship with her mother-in-law, Eleanor;

As for Jade, she is given an opportunity of a lifetime to prove herself: both as an academic researcher, and as the perfect partner for her fiancé, Reggie. But will his assistant Samantha’s attentions come between them?

You'll also find out how far Jillian will go in fighting her former mother-in-law for custody of her deceased ex-husband’s infant child.

The good news: Caleb has taken to his new role as über-dad with gusto. The bad news: it’s causing trouble in the Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club;

As always, the Totlandia series is filled with tons of moms behaving badly! Spring finds the Top Moms in full rev
olt! They know that their only hope of getting out from under Bettina’s thumb is to secure the files filled with their dirty little secrets, hidden deep within a sculpture to be auctioned off with the rest of her possessions. 
Let the bidding begin!

— Josie












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