Halloween during Covid-19


Let's face it: Halloween is going to be different this year.

The one thing we look forward to—incredible costumes, scary masks, the parades of treat-seeking children—must take a back burner to something much scarier and truly deadly: the COVID pandemic.

I'll admit it: I LOVE IT.

And yes, I will miss it.

In my city, San Francisco—a town that loves dressing up and pretending, all the fun, both for adults (for example, the Castro district) and children (Pacific Heights) It helps that there are so many historical Gothic and Victorian homes! Halloween is officially limited to small gatherings and trick-or-treating is being discouraged. 

Still, folks have been out there decorating as if its 1991. Here, there are always people who have unlimited expense accounts for decorating. Here's an example that Martin and I discovered while walking our neighborhood, Pacific Heights. 

Yep, the picture above is really a two-story-tall skeleton. His shorter pals are glossy black and gold. Talk about fancy!

IMG_2979These heads are definitely more original. This is on a main artery of the city—Marina Boulevard. The home's owner made sure that the heads were large enough to be seen from a distance. I love how he's buried them in the ivy that climbs up his stairs, and even has some woven into the heads as hair. It truly stops you in your tracks!

I'll learn to live with it because I will always put safety over silliness. My life is not worth a few moments of monster madness.

This Halloween, I'm going to Halloween-at-Home by streaming a few movies. Here are my top five horror classics of all time ranked:

5: The Birds. It's Hitchcock at his peak—and that's saying a lot.

4: Deliverance. Talk about Hell on Earth! Burt Reynolds at his best!

3: Misery. One of my favorite screenwriters, William Goldman, took all the suspense in Stephen King's novel and ratcheted it up. Stellar performances by James Caan and Kathy Bates. I wince every time a see it (and every time someone tells me they are my Number One fan…)


2: Get Out. I literally felt doomed. Time will prove it to be a classic in the making.

1: The Shining. Stanely Kubrick did justice to this Stephen King classic. Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duval, embody a true sense of doom. As I watched it in the theatre, I had to look around the screen to remind myself I wasn't there.

Also, I've found some fun recipes for making some scary snacks for us to nosh while watching these. I'll share them with you next week after I've tested them out on the family.

(Trust me, I'm doing you a favor. Martin swears that any time I go into the kitchen, things get scary. News Flash: I ain't Donna Stone Craig.)

— Josie

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