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To celebrate the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend 2018—which takes place on the weekend for Friday through Sunday, April 27—29, 2018—I interviewed some of the 50+ authors who will be attending.

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I think you'll enjoy what they say about their latest novels and their writing process.


Josie Brown




Sabrina York and Book


Award-winning New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Sabrina York, is known for her Steamy, Snarky Romance. She writes about a fantasy you may have, be it Hot SEALs, steamy cowboys, kilted warriors and naughty dukes. And her heroes find their match in her slightly snarky heroines. Sabrina’s latest historical novel, WHAT A HIGHLANDER’S GOT TO DO, has an English viscount posing as a stable boy and stealing the heart a wild Scottish lass. Her most recent novel is THE VIRIDIAN CONVICT,  is the third novel in her BLUE DOMINION SCI FI Action Adventure series. Sabrina and I talk about her process in writing in these two very different genres, and the emotional and humorous threads that run through all of her books.


 Tara Taylor Quinn and Novel

    Tara Taylor Quinn Website

Tara Taylor Quinn has penned 75 novels—and counting! She is a go-to read for any Harlequin SuperRomance reader. In her Where Secrets Are Safe series, the plots revolve around members or supporters of the Lemonade Stand Women’s Shelter. Their second chances are true happily ever after—for not only the heroine and the heroine, but for those women who could use a helping hand.

Julie Moffett and Novel

Elicia Hyder

 One of the biggest Breakout novelists of the past five years is Elicia Hyder, whose Soul Summoner paranormal suspense series has caught fire with readers all over the world. In fact, the fifth book in the series, The Sacrifice, will already be on sale when Elicia and I meet up against at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend 2018 in Milwaukee, in Late April. Today, not only will Elicia and I discuss  Soul Summoner, but also her new series, The Music City Rollers.

Cathy Clamp and Book


USA Today author Cathy Clamp writes urban fantasy and paranormal romances. Her shapeshifter urban fantasy romance series is called TALES OF THE SAZI. She also has a vampire trilogy, THE THRALL; and, as Cat Adams, she the urban fantasy series THE BLOOD SINGER. Today, Cathy and I will talk about her process for delving into fantastic universes, and her process for worldbuilding.


Josie with Novel

Josie Brown Website 


As much as I love to talk and schmooze, even I draw the line of babbling to myself.
So,  I tagged Deborah Coonts to do the honor.
She had me laughing too hard—at the differences in our processes of writing, at life, and mostly, at myself. Feel free to hear what I have to say—and chuckle along.


Sandy Parks andn Novel

Sandy Parks' Website

Today my guest is novelist Sandy Parks, who is renowned for her adventure thrillers which often with an aviation theme. In Sandy’s Hawker Incorporation series, her heroine, military test pilot Amelia “Jet” Walkzinski, specialize in the difficult, elusive, and highly profitable repossession of high-end aircraft.

We also discuss Sandy’s  a new science fiction action thriller, TO DIE AGAIN, involving a special FBI unit where most of the agents and support personnel have “unique” talents they use to make sure people of their race do not interfere negatively with the human world.


Elaine Meese and Book


Elaine Meece writes both romantic suspense and romantic comedies. In her FLIGHT FOR LIFE series, danger lurks in the air as well as on the ground. However, in Elaine’s Possum Creek Series (Love Shack) romance and comedy rule.  And in LOVE SHACK, Elaine’s latest romcom, opposites attract tale in a way that is sure to have readers laughing out loud.

Julie Moffett and Novel

Julie Moffett


The top-secret missions of Julie's NSA tech-op, Lexi Carmichael, has her traveling the world. She leaves the geek guys on her mission team in awe. Who says that men don't make passes at geek girls with the smarts to outwit the bad guys? Julie tells me how her next novel, No Regrets, leaves Lexi with quite a few…

Deborah Coonts and Novel

Deborah Coonts Website


 This novelist's life is done by half measures—including the themes of her novels. Deborah Coonts is a lawyer, a pilot, and a motorcycle enthusiast. Not only will you laugh your head off at her Lucky O'Toole Las Vegas funny mysteries and cry tears at her California wine country contemporary romance, Crushed, you'll also stay up late in the night with her thrillers—After Me and Deep Water.

Deborah and I talk about why her heroine, Lucky, is any but (especially in love…)

Jennifer Ashley and Novel

Jennifer Ashley Website

Jennifer is an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.
She writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romances ( as Jennifer Ashley); Victorian and other mysteries (as Ashley Gardner); and paranormal mysteries and urban fantasies (as Allison James). Besides being a prolific author, she also builds and collects miniature dollhouses! How cool is that?

Julie Moffett and Novel

Elisabeth Barrett Website

Missing the East Coast's dramatic change of seasons was what inspired this California transplant's first novel. Her latest series is a great spin on the “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” story. Still set in the Pacific Northwest, it moves the story just down the road from Seattle—to Oregon. Elisabeth writes books she'd want to read. Here's why…

Janna MacGregor and Book

Janna McGregor Website


If there's one thing that Janna MacGregor knows, it's history.
And, as a lawyer, her capacity for research has allowed her to uncover
the stories of real people who serve as the heroes and heroines of her Regency novels.

Julie Moffett and Novel

Mary Leo Website


If you love Magical Romances, Cowboy Romances, and Cozy Mysteries, then Mary Leo is the read for you! I talked to Mary—a Chicago gal—how she ended up in cowboy country, and what sang to her about it. We'll also talk about her heroine who comes from a long line of Cupids—and the fun of writing about everyone's wing girl.

Kelly Moran New Tricks

Kelly Moran Website


Kelly's contemporary romances are sweet and yet spicy.
Case in point: her Redwood Ridge series, in which a small town's matchmakers
have been successful in arranging cute meets. I talked to Kelly about several of her series, including one revolving about (gulp!) ghosts! If Kelly's towns were real, we'd all want to live there.

Violet Howe and Novel

Violet Howe Website


Violet's experience in the wedding planning industry was her inspiration for
a heroine who creates  Happily Ever Afters for brides and the grooms who love them.
She also writes romantic suspense—with a paranormal twist.
But Violet’s passion: research. Violet explains how research adds color to her novels.

Denise Swanson and Novel

Denise Swanson Website


Cozy and romantic mysteries are a specialty of New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson. But besides her Devereaux's Dime Store and Scumble River and Chef-to-Go mysteries, she has a sweet side, which you'll see when she discusses her Delicious contemporary romances with me.


Abbie Roads and Novel

Abbie Roads Website

If you’re looking for romances that provide thrills and chills, Abbie’s two series—Fatal Dreams, and Fatal Truths—are must-reads. Her profession—that of mental health counsel—lives her compelling insights into the human psyche. Abbie and I discuss her latest serial killer novel—which has an interesting twist!

Susan Carlisle and Novel
Susan Carlisle Website

Best-selling author Susan Carlisle finds the inspiration for her plots in the funniest places—and it shows. Having traveled to 49 of 50 states, she has a lot of wonderful material. We talk about plots, travel, and our home state of Georgia.

Nan Dixon and Novel

Nan Dixon

The love of travel and family is what inspired Nan Dixon's heartfelt contemporary romance series, Fitzgerald House, whose heroines are loosely based on her sisters. Nan and I talk about how travel inspires her plots.

Rose Lerner and Novel

Rose Lerner Website

Rose Lerner writes Regency Romances and Historical romances based in the Revolutionary War period.  The steely determination of her heroes and heroines to make their way in the world is what sets her 4-novel Lively St. Lemeston series apart from other regencies. But her latest novel, which is part of an American historical anthology, Hamilton's Battalion: A Trio of Romances, is delighting readers on both sides of the pond.

Alanna Lucas

Alanna Lucas Website

If you love regencies, Alanna's are swoon-worthy. Her historical research is not only impeccable, she also gives herself unique criteria, which readers relish.

Nancy Herkness and Novel

Nancy Herkness Website

For this author, how to marry a billionaire is easy: offer him something priceless—a heart of gold. She also discusses how growing up in West Virginia gave her the inspiration for her Horse Whispererseries.

Hailstock and Novel

Shirley Hailstock Website

Shirley Hailstock is a best-selling, award-winning novelist with over 30 books to her name. In fact, her novel, Legacy, is listed as one of the 100 Greatest Romance Novels of the 20th Century. Her series include the 6-novel Capitol Chronicles Romantic Suspense series and the four-book Blythe CoveContemporary Romance series. I talked to Shirley about how she wrote a book on a dare—and forged a best seller's career.

Julie Moffett and Novel

Marilyn Baron Website

The idea for Marilyn's (thus far) four-novel Crystal Psychic series came to her when she sat on a long-distance flight. As for Marilyn's contemporary romantic suspense novels, readers are enthralled by their historical angles and faraway locales. We also discuss how saffron gave Marilyn the plot for her next book!

TM Cromer

TM Cromer Website

This Romantic Suspense and Sweet Contemporary Romance author truly has a split personality—and it shows in the depth and breadth of her work. I talked to her about the joy of writing in multiple genres, and coming from a large family. TM discusses her latest paranormal series: The Thorn Witches.

Jocie with Novel

Jocie McKade Website

Twins, separated at birth are a great hook for funny mystery series.
No one knows that better than Jocie (note: she spells it with a “c” — not an “s”),
whose Mayson Dickson novels are laugh-out-loud hilarious.
Jocie and I discuss how she came up this sisterly dynamic duo.

Maggie Marr

Maggie Marr Website

writes smart, sexy romances. I talked to her about her contemporary romance glam lit novels, and how she made the transition from Hollywood talent agent to author, and how LaLa Land (the place, not the movie) inspires her writing.

Tina DeSalvo Book

Tina DeSalvo Website

writes about and believes in Happily Ever Afters.
She writes them beautifully, too—perhaps because of her keen observations of others, honed from her many years as a journalist. We have a wonderful discussion of her past, her journey as a cancer survivor, and her latest novel and series.

Julie Moffett and Novel

E Elizabeth Watson Website

While getting her masters in archaeology, E. Elizabeth Watson fell in love with the history and lore of Northern England. We discussed how it inspired her Scottish Medieval romances.

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The Book Signing is FREE to attend!

Sat, April 28, 2018 / 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Four Points by Sheraton / Milwaukee Airport
5311 S Howell Ave / Milwaukee, WI 53207

This will be held in the Mitchell Room.
Limit of 3 of your own books may be brought in and will be marked.


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