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To celebrate the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend 2018—which takes place on the weekend for Friday through Sunday, April 27—29, 2018—I interviewed some of the 50+ authors who will be attending.

I think you'll enjoy what they say about their latest novels and their writing process.


Josie Brown

Maggie Marr
Maggie Marr
writes smart, sexy romances. 
I talked to her about
her contemporary romance glam lit novels,
and how she made the transition from Hollywood talent agent to author.

Maggie Marr on LaLa Land

Tina DeSalvo Book
Tina DeSalvo

writes about and believes in Happily Ever Afters.
She writes them beautifully, too—perhaps because of her keen observations of others, honed from her many years as a journalist. We have a wonderful discussion of her past, her journey as a cancer survivor, and her latest novel and series.

Tina DeSalvo's insightful observations

Susan Carlisle and Novel

  Susan Carlisle

finds the inspiration for her plots in the funniest places—and it shows.
Having traveled to 49 of 50 states, she has a lot of wonderful material.
But, as she points out, the beauty is in the details. She tells me how, and why.

Susan Carlisle's southern charm

Alanna Lucas

 Alanna Lucas
If you love regencies, Alanna's are swoon-worthy.
Her historic research is not only impeccable,
she also gives herself unique criteria, which readers relish.



Janna MacGregor and Book

Janna McGregor

If there's one thing that Janna MacGregor knows, it's history.
And, as a lawyer, her capacity for research has allowed her to uncover
the stories of real people who serve as the heroes and heroines of her Regency novels.

Janna's Take on History as Romance

Nancy Herkness and Novel
Nancy Herkness

For this author, how to marry a billionaire is easy:
offer him something priceless: a heart of gold.

How Nancy Writes about Wealthy Men  and Love

Jocie with Novel
Jocie McKade

Twins, separated at birth are a great hook for funny mystery series.
No one knows that better than Jocie (note: she spells it with a “c” — not an “s”),
whose Mayson Dickson novels are laugh-out-loud hilarious.

How Jocie Came Up with this  Sisterly Dynamic  Duo

  Kelly Moran New Tricks

Kelly Moran

 Kelly's contemporary romances are sweet and yet spicy.
Case in point: her Redwood Ridge series, in which a small town's matchmakers
have been successful in arranging cute meets. I talked to Kelly about several of her series, including one revolving about (gulp!) ghosts!

If Kelly's Towns Were Real, We'd All Want to Live There 

Abbie Roads

Nan Dixon

Violet Howe

Deborah Coonts

Elicia Hyder