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How will you celebrate July 4th?

I want to know. Because when it comes to that date,

I live vicariously through YOU.



Because as Mark Twain is famous for never saying,

“The coldest winter I ever spent was 

a summer in San Francisco.




On the years in which we 

stay in the city, we button up our overcoats,

scarves, and hats, and watch

the fireworks go up into the clouds.


This year we'll visit a dear pal who was born on that day. 

She lives in Sausalito, so we we'll watch the fireworks 

from shot over Richardson Bay fromher fabulous deck. 

She can also see Oakland's fireworks and San Francisco's. 

Talk about a triple whammy—


But only if there isn't any fog.


And let's face it: there is ALWAYS fog 

on San Francisco's 4th of July.


Just ask my niece. 

When she was twelve,

shivering, through chattering teeth, she exclaimed, 

“Aunt Josie, I've never had to wear a coat 

on Independence Day until I came here.”

She was too polite to mention the hat, scarf and mittens too.


To celebrate the long weekend, 

I've kept certain books at bargain prices.

You'll find them below.


Now, tell me: how will you spend your July 4th?

Will you see a parade? 

or have a picnic, or barbecue?

Will you watch fireworks?


Thanks for sharing,