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Your First Instinct Is Always the Best One

Seems that it's like that for just about everything, doesn't it?

Invariably, someone will ask me “Which of your books should I read first?" I start by asking them if they like mystery and humor—and if they say yes to both—especially humor, I suggest starting with the first book in the Housewife Assassin series.

First off, I feel it is a perfect example of my contemporary writing in that it combines the sort of elements that sing to me (and, hopefully, to the reader as well): a conflicted female protagonist. Donna Stone, who must

maneuver modern society as a government-sanctioned assassin with ALL of the usual single-parenting pitfalls—especially geopolitical, because, hey, we all know how much world events affect those of us living in the ‘burbs, right?

The twist: at the same time, she's seeking revenge.

Little did she know she’s partnered with another covert operative who is just as lethal, just as attractive—Jack—and equally out for revenge.

In this excerpt, she has reason to believe that Jack, whose mission is to play her #husband as they root out a terrorist cell, is involved with a neighbor. This could jeopardize their mission, not to mention break the hearts of her children who believe he truly is their father, finally #home after years away. Jack should never turn his back on an assassin scorned.

Another great reason to get it: the digital version of the first book is FREE. This link gets you to many of the bookstores where you'll find it.