A view from a Bond.


Dear Readers,

My dad loved 007 movies. So do I.

It was something we (no pun intended) bonded over. 

It wasn't the plots so much as the movies' tongue-in-cheek cool-dude vibe: the gorgeous women, silly double entendres, the fun spy gear supplied by MI6's tech genius, Q; those psychedelic opening credits—

Not to mention the wonderful songs that came with the opening credits.

And of course, there were all the great opening capers.

I borrowed that concept for the Housewife Assassin series. Its first chapter always begins with Donna in a compromising situation. I want readers to gnash their teeth in fear of what could happen to her, just like we do for James Bond.

Sean Connery passed away this week. He will be sorely missed. Besides bringing the consummate spy to life, he embodied a character grounded in emotional depth, grace, and humor. He is the reason James Bond is still loved by millions.

The real spy business is not so glamorous and much more deadly. Still, it's always fun to imagine what we'd do if we were faced with such danger; if the fate of the free world depended solely on our actions.

Frankly, it does. It's why we vote, isn't it?

Thanks for doing your bit.


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Okay, here were my favorite Oscars dresses…


So many dresses, so little time to review every fold, hue, cut, and designer
making us ooooh and ahhhh during Sunday's Oscars 2013 presentation…

But I'll try my best. Okay, here were my favorites:

Halle Berry in a glitzy Marchesa gown…

Jessica Chastain in a copper, Art Deco-inspired gown by Armani Privé…

And  Naomi Watts is also in an Armani Privé gown,
in a glitzy silver with an intriguing cut-out.




Amy Adams in gray fringed Oscar de la Renta…




Charlize Theron wore a peplum-waisted Dior Haute Couture gown…



And Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Haute Couture
pink blush gown, with voluminous train.


All beautiful, don't you think?


I'm soooo inspired, I'm off to get my own little princess a gown!


— Josie


My NaNoWriMo Tip #7: How to fix a dud chapter.

It's NaNoWriMo Month

(National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated…)

For those of you who have begun writing your first book, every day I'll repost my fave creative writing tips here, just for you. 

Here's Tip #7, for Wednesday, November 7th…

The previous day's post can be accessed on this page, too.

Here's to your success as an author,

— Josie Brown

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There is only one man I’d leave my husband for: 007.

Daniel Craig SkyfallOkay, maybe I wouldn't actually leave Martin. I'd come home at mealtimes.

I'm just talkin' dessert now, the amuse bouche, when I rhapsodize about James Bond…well really, the James Bond, as epitomized by Daniel Craig. He's the perfect 007 for these times.

He's so spot on in the role, that I don't even mind his girly-man routine in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

Check out this new trailer for SKYFALL, the latest Bond flick, which will be out in November.

Love this line:

007: Everybody needs a hobby.

Bad Guy Javier Bardem: So, what's yours?

007: Resurrection.


Shaken and stirred,


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Best Daniel Craig Anti-James Bond movie ever: Layer Cake

Layer-Cake This side of the pond may know Daniel Craig as 007, but our British cousins have had the good fortune of seeing him in a variety of great roles that show a softer/more vulnerable/much more ironic side of the actor. 

I'd read some fairly great reviews of his 2004 movie Layer Cake, so I decided to check it out. It did not disappoint. Craig plays a bean-counting cocaine middleman who wants to retire from the dirty biz, but gets suckered into doing one last "favor" for the drug kingpin running him. 

Lots of plot twists: not everyone is whom they portend to be. Great cinematography, too, and a superlative sound track. The bad guys are complex characters. If it reminds one of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, that's because the movies share the same producers.

'Flix it. You won't be disappointed. Daniel Craig is more than eye candy. He's just desserts, too.

— Josie

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I love watching Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace…

No let me be very clear: I like watching Daniel Craig in ANYTHING.

Especially tight white jeans.

Or nothing.

Use your imagination.

Watch a bit of it with me:



See what I mean? 

Donna Stone is the kick-ass girlee version of Bond. 

In other words, don't piss her off. 

And heaven help you if you make her miss her kids' car pool pick up.

Enjoy an excerpt here,


HAH Hanging Man V2

Murder. Suspense. Sex. 
And some handy household tips.

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Stephanie Bond Loves SECRET LIVES – and I Love Stephanie Bond

Stephanie-and-Josie We authors are a needy bunch. I guess that's because, for the most part, we are shy people, used to holing up for hours (make that months) at a time to scribble out our next opus.

(Yeah, okay, who do I think I'm kidding?)

Which brings me to the topic of friendship.

I had the great fortune of meeting Stephanie Bond at a gathering of mostly authors, in my home town of Atlanta. I didn't know any of these women, but I will always appreciate the fact that they were gracious enough to come out to support my first novel, True Hollywood Lies. By then I'd been on the road for about three weeks and my voice was GONE. It was a small group, but I had to talk through a mike, anyway.

Thank God there was wine.

And Stephanie. Her sweetness and light got me through it.

We kept up with each other through the years, and whenever she was in my neck of the woods –  San Francisco — I would make it a point to spend time with her, show her the out-of-the-way views that are off the typical tourist locales. We'd meet up at author conventions and pick up just where we left off.

She is now one of my dearest friends.

Proof of friendship is that you aren't afraid to share your darkest days with someone. I can honestly say that she's been there for me when I needed her. The terminal illness of my mom was one. My husband's cancer (now in remission) was another.

I would be honored if she can say the same for me.

One of my happiest days was to hear from her that Sony Entertainment had optioned her series, The Body Movers, for television. Friends love it when something goes your way. She would feel the same if the shoe were on the other foot.

You'd think that would make it easy to ask her to read my novel and give me a few words that could be an endorsement, right?  Wrong. If you truly respect someone's opinion, you're always afraid that you won't–can't— live up to her exacting standards. 

I know Stephanie well enough that, had she not liked the book, she would have passed on giving a quote. Instead I got back a rave: both by her, and a girlfriend with whom she'd gone on a gal pal weekend.

Here it is. Pretty great, eh?

Now, when someone asks me if my book is good, I can say: "Stephanie Bond raved about it, so it must be!"

That makes my life easier — and makes it a must-read for you this summer (I hope I hope)!

Your review counts, too,



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A View from a Bond (or Two…)


Just saw CASINO ROYALE, the most recent Bond entry, starring hot and hunky Daniel Craig. If any one person can revive that mast spy franchise, it will be this actor…

Of course, he needed a spot on screenplay, too. I’m happy to report that the film is  jam-packed with great action, and just the right amount of sly humor, so kudos to screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. That’s not to say that editing twenty or so minutes of plot wouldn’t have made it a perfect 10, then again, who goes to these movies for the story?

DanielcraighotPersonally, I go for the eye candy. Or in this case, the guy candy.

You’ll know what I mean when you go see it.

I happen to live in Marin County, which is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Those of you who have been here know that San Francisco is a beautiful place. So beautiful, in fact, that it has been used as the backdrop for numerous movies.

Well, I was flipping channels a few minutes ago when I came across another James Bond movie, A VIEW FROM A KILL. It was released in 1985, and is the last Bond flick starring Roger Moore.

Despite costarring Christopher Walken as the bad guy (was there ever a movie, other than Michael Cinimo’s THE DEER HUNTER, in which Walken wasn’t the evil seed?) and the final fight between the two takes place over San Francisco’s glorious skyline; while hanging from a rope trailing Walken’s blimp (we get a lot of blimps here in SF) first Walken tries to castrate Moore on the tippy-top of the TransAmerica Tower, then he tries to hang Moore on one of the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge…

(Sigh!) Stupid plot, albeit great scenery. Maybe that’s why it was Moore’s last Bond movie. (Actually, he claims that when he realized he was older than Bond girl Tanya Roberts’ mother, he knew it was time to move on…)

Par for the course for San Francisco, right?  At least, it is always ready for its close-up. It has hosted the Hulk as well as an almost otherworldly Reese Witherspoon, and has had James Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Nicholas Cage and Richard Gere as its leading men.

So, which is your favorite San Francisco movie?  Comment here, or email me at JosieBrownAuthor@yahoo.com.

Wish I were a Bond girl,


PS: Hey! Read an excerpt of IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED, my new book, here…