Michael Jackson’s Death: A suicide? REALLY?

Michael Jackson I wasn't fond of him as a man, but I appreciated him as a performer.

If you haven't yet seen the documentary created about his rehearsals for his last tour, THIS IS IT, you're missing something spectacular. Definitely go rent it.

It's odd, though that one of the theories being floated at the hearing regarding his death was that it was a suicide. Yeah, any drug overdose can be considered a slow path to quick death, but come on already. This documentary proves he was a hard worker, a creative genius, and a consumate performer.

You can see the trailer for it below.

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But only after you moonwalk,



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Here is a clip from the documentary on how they created this scene in the show:


I've been writing all day long. My reward to myself is to break at 8pm and watch the tryouts for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

They've reach Los Angeles, and of course there are some incredible dancers, with great backstories. But the dude
that left me mesmerized is a hair designer called EJ. Certainly over
200 lbs, EJ showed dextrity and grace.  Nigel, dude, no need to be so harsh.

It was so sad.  Not because he's an inspiration to ANYONE–thin,
overweight, lazy, or coordinated–who is too shy to get up there and
groove to the music. 

And not just groove, but  show off some awesome  technique and choreography.

I was very happy to see that  the other dancers waiting their turns
gave EJ a big hand. And not just for effort, as Nigel intimated, but
because , in their opinions, he was actually good.

His response was gracious. That alone makes him a new millennium Fred Astaire in my eyes.

Keep dancing, EJ.

In awe,


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