Lissa Rankin’s WHAT’S UP DOWN THERE? is better than sex. Seriously.

Doctor_advice Since when is reading better than sex?

When what you're reading is ABOUT sex–and you're learning that all the things you thought you knew about it (and your body) could fill, like maybe just one page of a book?

That book would be Lissa Rankin MD's book, WHAT'S UP DOWN THERE? Questions You'd Only Ask Your Gynocologiest If She Was Your Best Friend .

Take my word for it., you won't be able to put down.

This is one of those seminal books that we'll all remember when we talk about living in this era, sort of like Helen Gurley Brown's SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL was for the mid '60s, or EVERTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, AND WERE AFRAID TO ASK* was for the early '70s.

Knowledge is power. And ladies (and gentlemen), knowledge about the female body is KRYPTONITE.

What Dr. Rankin has done here is give our fear factor about our womanly parts and sexuality a big pink chill pill. Forget your middle school sex ed class. If your teacher was cool, if she read this now she'd be laughing and nodding her head at all the things she knew she couldn't tell you without getting called into the principal's office.

With honesty and unabashed openness (and some great asides, trivia, and first-hand experience, Dr. Rankin answers such questions as "Is it safe to put perfume on your cootchie to make it smell good?" and "Is it important for me to tell my doctor the truth when she asks how many sexual partners I have?" and my husband's personal fave: "I don't even know what turns me on. How do I get in touch with that?"

LOL! Yep, that's right. My husband delved into this book, too. He read to, cover-to-cover. He now considers himself an expert on my "down there."

I'll be testing him later tonight,


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"Hollywood's got nothing on the cast of characters living in the bedroom community of Paradise Heights, who have the secrets, sex, money and scandal of an OK! Magazine cover story. Josie Brown is a skilled observer whose clever dialogue and feisty style make for truly entertaining reading." –Jackie Collins, Hollywood Wives

Dammit. Gidget has Osteoporosis…

Sally_field_gidgetI just saw an ad with Sally Field. She's hawking osteoporosis medicine.

Yep, makes me feels old, too, because I happen to remember her as that cute li'l sprite, Gidget.  Granted, I'm younger than Ms. Field.  (I mean it. I really, really mean it. Pun intended…)

Having been born in 1946, Ms. Field (Thus my insistence on the deferential "Ms.") is one of the first very first baby boomers, and certainly she has every right to be taking a calcium suppliment. Heck, I don't even mind the fact that she's hawking one. I mean, we all have to pay the bills, right?

But as Gidget goes, so goes her generation — which just happens to be almost 80 million Americans.

And that includes those of us on the younger side of boomerdom.

The great news is that she looks super. She's tiny to begin with, so I can't say that I've noticed any shrinkage, and certainly no unseemly humps or lumps. And I admire her resistance to the that Hollywood fallback position: cosmetic surgery.


And she's not just any actress. She's M'Lynn Eatenton. And Lilah Krytsick. And Edna Spalding. And Mrs. Gump.

Above all, she is Norma Rae.

In other words, conflicted. Emotional. Mature.

And yes, she's SPECTAULAR.

Aging gracefully,




What's it about? 

Sex.  Celebrity. Scandal.  Just another fun day in Hollywood…

over Hollywood, men are dialing O. Her steamy naughty talk fills them
with lust and longing, and helps them perform like the studs they claim
to be.

truth, the industry’s favorite phone sex operator is Nina Harte, a
struggling actress who has put her career on hold so that her husband,
Nathan, can pursue his own dreams of stardom. When Nathan's career
takes off, so does he, leaving Nina and their four-year-old son, Jake,
for his diva costar, Katerina McPherson. Then "Kat ‘n' Nat" are crowned
the media's newest celebrity sweethearts, and Kat labels Nina an unfit
mother in order to win custody of Jake, just so that she can have that
highly-coveted celebrity accessory—an adorable child—sans any unsightly
stretch marks.The one person who does care about Nina is
Nathan’s agent, Sam Godwin. In fact, he’s in love with her. And because
he has both a heart and a conscience, Sam feels guilty for having put
Nat in Kat's path in the first place….

So how will he feel when he finds out that Nin and O are one and the same?


Read An Excerpt of IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED here!