Judy, Judy, Judy…and Renee.

  I’m a fan of Old Hollywood. And the fact that Judy Garland’s rendition of Over the Rainbow makes me cry every time I hear it was reason enough for me to see Judy, the feature film bio-pic starring Renee Zellweger. I’m also a VERY big fan of Renee’s. As Roxie Hart in the musical movie,Continue reading “Judy, Judy, Judy…and Renee.”

As I took a shower, I looked out my window and saw large crows gathering on the rooftop…

…of the apartment building behind me. #HitchcockMoment 

My guess is that she’s reading Pride and Prejudice…

  Or maybe "The Housewife Assassin's Handbook." I'll go with the latter. –Josie From "Pride and Prejudice, the Musical" Music and Lyrics by Rita Abrams; Libretto by Josie Brown The song:  #3: IT IS A TRUTH (Complete Song)(Sung by Bingley, Darcy and Caroline)  Darcy and Bingley banter about the pressures on single men–particularly wealthy single men–toContinue reading “My guess is that she’s reading Pride and Prejudice…”

Woman gets her jollies on a San Francisco Cable Car. One hundred lovers and a $50K settlement later…

l love this article, from the archives of the San Francisco Chronicle. Brings to mind one of my favorite Judy Garland classics,  "The Trolley Song," from the musical, "Meet Me in St. Louis:" Love this lyric: "I went to lose a jolly". I'll just bet you did, — Josie "Cable Car Nymph" Excerpted from "San Francisco'sContinue reading “Woman gets her jollies on a San Francisco Cable Car. One hundred lovers and a $50K settlement later…”

Are you kissable? That depends. Are you Iron Man?

    So Zoosk.com, a top online dating service, surveyed more than 3,500 singles to reveal pop culture’s most memorable kisses. And your name didn't make the list. Just kidding. Okay, here are some of the results: The most memorable on-screen smooches of summer 2013 are… 41% of Americans say Tony and Pepper’s lip lock inContinue reading “Are you kissable? That depends. Are you Iron Man?”

Fabulous! The movie trailer for Woody Allen’s latest, “Blue Jasmine”, starring Cate Blanchett

  I'm a total Woody Allen fan, and even had a Woody sighting myself, when he was filming his latest flick, "Blue Jasmine," here in San Francisco. I think the trailer looks great. I love seeing all the San Francisco/Marin County shots, including a scene on the Muni F Line (the 1947 Philadelphia trolley car);Continue reading “Fabulous! The movie trailer for Woody Allen’s latest, “Blue Jasmine”, starring Cate Blanchett”

Join me at Pitchfest!

Hey, if it happened to F. Scott Fitzgerald, it can happen to you. One of America's most celebrated authors died penniless, his greatest opus, The Great Gatsby, nearly forgotten… Except by Hollywood. Since his death, his book,  has been adapted for the screen an extraordinary five times. It's also been an opera, a ballet, aContinue reading “Join me at Pitchfest!”

Okay, here were my favorite Oscars dresses…

  So many dresses, so little time to review every fold, hue, cut, and designer making us ooooh and ahhhh during Sunday's Oscars 2013 presentation… But I'll try my best. Okay, here were my favorites: Halle Berry in a glitzy Marchesa gown… Jessica Chastain in a copper, Art Deco-inspired gown by Armani Privé… And  Naomi Watts is alsoContinue reading “Okay, here were my favorite Oscars dresses…”

There is only one man I’d leave my husband for: 007.

Okay, maybe I wouldn't actually leave Martin. I'd come home at mealtimes. I'm just talkin' dessert now, the amuse bouche, when I rhapsodize about James Bond…well really, the James Bond, as epitomized by Daniel Craig. He's the perfect 007 for these times. He's so spot on in the role, that I don't even mind hisContinue reading “There is only one man I’d leave my husband for: 007.”


   F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my all-time favorite authors. His words are prose as poetry, and from that standpoint, The Great Gatsby is considered is best work (albeit I'm partial to the book he was still writing upon his death, The Last Tycoon. If the film is as good as the trailer, BazContinue reading “A Sneak Peek AT THE GREAT GATSBY”

Elizabeth Taylor: jewels weren’t her career, but they made her star sparkle even brighter.

Sotheby's has just auctioned off Elizabeth Taylor's treasure chest (no pun intended) of jewels. The booty (sorry!) fetched $117 million, including a necklace that features a 16th Century pearl, La Peregrina, which  had was once painted by 17th Century Spanish artist Velazquez. That alone sold for $11.8 million, which is a record for the gem.Continue reading “Elizabeth Taylor: jewels weren’t her career, but they made her star sparkle even brighter.”

Today, would Bridget Jones be fat? I’ll take Renee Zellweger’s side: NO.

Renee Zellweger, the actress whose name is synonymous with the chick lit book and film character Bridget Jones has begged off packing on the pounds to play up Bridget’s renowned weight issue. Novelist Josie Brown thinks she’s right to take a pass. Here’s why.

Best Daniel Craig Anti-James Bond movie ever: Layer Cake

This side of the pond may know Daniel Craig as 007, but our British cousins have had the good fortune of seeing him in a variety of great roles that show a softer/more vulnerable/much more ironic side of the actor. Layer Cake is one. Here’s why.

The Help: does the movie’s portrayal of racism ring true?

Novelist Josie Brown takes it as a good sign that some people who have seen the movie version of the bestselling book The Help are truly appalled at the class divisiveness portrayed in the film. Here’s why.

Purrrrrfect! W lets Kristen Stewart’s kitten out of the bag.

W magazine used that renowned photographic team of Mert & Marcus show us a side of the Twilight movie series’ lead actress, Kristen Stewart, we’ve never seen before: a throwback to 1960s Bardot/Fonda sex kitten sensuality, giving her blown-out-to-there hair and real cheekbones. Great look, don’t you think?

Supreme Court on the gender bias class action case against Wal-Mart is narrowed to those women with grievances.

What does the Wal-Mart gender bias case just ruled upon by the Supreme Court have in common with Marilyn Monroe? The fuzzy end of the lollypop for women. Here’s novelist Josie Brown’s take on it.

Marilyn Monroe’s little white dress…

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress from The Seven Year Itch was auctioned off this weekend, by Debbie Reynolds, who collected so much great movie memorabilia. I had the great luck to interview her. I should have asked her if I could try on the dress, just once!

Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: That Winning Glow

This year, when Natalie Portman gets her shot at Oscar gold, her very visible baby bump will be there, front and center– And swathed in some sumptious designer couture. That ain't no OshKosh B'Gosh. As it should be. Portman won the Golden Globe for her terrifying performance in THE BLACK SWAN, and she's considered theContinue reading “Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: That Winning Glow”

Michael Jackson’s Death: A suicide? REALLY?

I wasn’t fond of him as a man, but I appreciated him as a performer. If you haven’t yet seen the documentary created about his rehearsals for his last tour, THIS IS IT, you’re missing something spectacular. Definitely go rent it. It’s odd, though that one of the theories being floated at the hearing regardingContinue reading “Michael Jackson’s Death: A suicide? REALLY?”

Saturday Share: This captures beautifully why I love San Francisco Bay

After being away for a few weeks, it's great to be reminded of why I call the San Francisco Bay Area home. This video, by Simon Christen, does just that. Thanks, Simon!   Yes, you can go home again, –Josie Josie's Latest Book: Secret Lives of Husbands and WivesSimon & Schuster/Downtown Press (ISBN: 9781439173176) InContinue reading “Saturday Share: This captures beautifully why I love San Francisco Bay”

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