Extracurricular: An earth-shattering incident

If you thought it was your last moment on earth, would you tell the one person you’d never admit to loving how you felt? I put my protagonists in an old elevator during an earthquake. They are quite literally tossed into each other’s arms. Their initial instincts to protect each other. The next desire isContinue reading “Extracurricular: An earth-shattering incident”

Extracurricular: Snowplowing and Cheating

Is there such a thing as too much love? Recently, several parents were indicted in a college admissions scandal. They paid, in some cases, over a million dollars to have others fake their children’s SAT and ACT tests, or to make them look even more desirable as athletes or humanistic volunteers: both desirable to schoolsContinue reading “Extracurricular: Snowplowing and Cheating”

The Odd Couple

One of the joys of writing a book is not only creating a backstory for your protagonists but also fully outlining your secondary characters. When I starting writing Extracurricular, I realized immediately that I could have fun with the FBI agents who are leading the investigation for the college admissions scandal: Lionel Polk and SallyAnne Jagger.Continue reading “The Odd Couple”

A twist of fate.

Throughout the process of plotting Extracurricular, I wanted each scene to be a bittersweet twist of fate. If it were put on a timeline, the first twist occurs in Chapter Two, during an SAT test. Appropriate, wouldn’t you say, since the plot involves a college admissions cheating scandal? If you’re wondering if there is also aContinue reading “A twist of fate.”

Extracurricular: Why it’s timely.

My next 3-book women’s fiction series, Extracurricular, is being launched just as one of its plot points has caught national headlines: the college admissions scandal. In my plot, we see it happen in real time when a private high school is caught up in the same exact scheme. But, like everything in life that neverContinue reading “Extracurricular: Why it’s timely.”

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Novelist

(c) 2005 Alex Steuart Williams  (FLIP) and Erica Rothschild   I'm being serious. Okay, here goes: 1. "I'd write, too, but I can't stand the thought of all the trees I'd be killing."  Yes, I've heard this one. My response back then was, "Don't worry. You won't sell enough books to raze a sapling, becauseContinue reading “10 Things You Should Never Say to a Novelist”

Squeeeee! TOTLANDIA is up on Amazon!

TOTLANDIABook 1: The Onesies  Coliloquy Books / 978-0-9740214-0-9 / eBook Buy it NOW, on Amazon.com Buy it NOW, on BN.com Buy the Book App NOW, on BN.com Friendship. Lies. Seduction. Betrayal. Welcome to Totlandia. The salacious secrets of Desperate Housewives meet the aspirational lifestyles of Sex and the City in San Francisco’s most elite mommies group In this sometimes bittersweet (andContinue reading “Squeeeee! TOTLANDIA is up on Amazon!”

You can’t just be beautiful. You have to be smart, too. Great example: Grace Kelly.

  No doubt about it: reading looks fabulous on everybody. — Josie The Housewife Assassin's HandbookOnly 99 cents! Buy it from:      

There is only one man I’d leave my husband for: 007.

Okay, maybe I wouldn't actually leave Martin. I'd come home at mealtimes. I'm just talkin' dessert now, the amuse bouche, when I rhapsodize about James Bond…well really, the James Bond, as epitomized by Daniel Craig. He's the perfect 007 for these times. He's so spot on in the role, that I don't even mind hisContinue reading “There is only one man I’d leave my husband for: 007.”

Pretend it’s the last day on Earth. Now, what would you say?

I was speaking to an old friend the other day. She was dreading a very public run-in with some guy she who she had once been attracted to, dated, fell in love with, felt passion for… Then they broke up. The break-up wasn't a "good" one. (The term "good break up" has to be anContinue reading “Pretend it’s the last day on Earth. Now, what would you say?”

Impossibly Tongue Tied gets its village…in Europe, Australia, and Japan, anyhow.

For novelists, all of our books are our children. As a parent of nine of them (and counting!), I can honestly say that I don't play favorites, even if one or more has done better than the others. Until recently, authors shared parenting responsibilities with their publishers. We write the books and in many casesContinue reading “Impossibly Tongue Tied gets its village…in Europe, Australia, and Japan, anyhow.”

Pssst! New cover, and new Housewife Assassin Book: Guide to Gracious Killing!

I'm pleased as punch for the cover of the second book in my Housewife Assassin series: The Housewife Assassin's Guide to Gracious Killing. Launch date: October, 2012. Donna and Jack are in to all kinds of trouble–the kind of hot mess that can cause an  international incident: A nuclear arms summit, hosted by a politically-connected American billionaireContinue reading “Pssst! New cover, and new Housewife Assassin Book: Guide to Gracious Killing!”

A Must-Read for any author, novelist, or writer: Lloyd Shepherd’s dialogue with a book pirate.

I love it when someone tells me they've read one of my books, and enjoyed it. But let me tell you: I wince inside when they add: "My sister [daughter, girlfriend, whatever] lent it to me." Admittedly, it also hurts a little when they tell me as much they took it out of a library.Continue reading “A Must-Read for any author, novelist, or writer: Lloyd Shepherd’s dialogue with a book pirate.”

Another reason to read TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES, My red carpet red hot read

The stars. The scandals. The sex.   You'll find it all in my red hot red carpet read, True Hollywood Lies. To celebrate the Academy Awards, True Hollywood Lies is only 99 Cents on Amazon.com And that's not all… Every day between now and February 26, 2012 — the evening of the event — I'llContinue reading “Another reason to read TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES, My red carpet red hot read”

Marilyn Monroe’s little white dress…

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress from The Seven Year Itch was auctioned off this weekend, by Debbie Reynolds, who collected so much great movie memorabilia. I had the great luck to interview her. I should have asked her if I could try on the dress, just once!

Halloween Horror Story: a Divorce

I love Halloween. When my kids were younger, one of the thrills of living right off Caledonia Street in Sausalito, California, was that you were at Ground Zero for the town's trick or treat chicanery. The evening would start with a parade of li'l ghosts, goblins and costumes-du-jour, a costume judging contest, and then aContinue reading “Halloween Horror Story: a Divorce”

How the Publishing World Has Changed…or Not

While Googling myself (Hey, 'fess up! You do it, too!) I came up with this article, in LiveWires.com, dated April 3, 2009. In it, I was asked: "How do you see the world changing from a writer’s point of view?"  My answer is below. Do I still feel it hits the mark? Hell yeah. InContinue reading “How the Publishing World Has Changed…or Not”

Saturday Share: This captures beautifully why I love San Francisco Bay

After being away for a few weeks, it's great to be reminded of why I call the San Francisco Bay Area home. This video, by Simon Christen, does just that. Thanks, Simon!   Yes, you can go home again, –Josie Josie's Latest Book: Secret Lives of Husbands and WivesSimon & Schuster/Downtown Press (ISBN: 9781439173176) InContinue reading “Saturday Share: This captures beautifully why I love San Francisco Bay”

Sisterhood of the traveling books

I've been blessed in many ways. I do something for a living that I love–and sometimes it puts me in the company of some pretty fantastic people. This past week I spent time with four wonderful women. Although we'd never met face-to-face, two of them–Jane Smiley (Private Life) and Eileen Goudge (Once in a BlueContinue reading “Sisterhood of the traveling books”

And the winner is…

I love contests. Winning is one thing. Being the prize is another. It is such a thrill to give something back to those who appreciate my books. Those of you who participated in recent contests in which my book Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives, was the prize, I thank you for taking the timeContinue reading “And the winner is…”

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