When plotting, I walk—and talk.

I write daily. I must. Creators—painters, photographers, musicians, and writers too—are like athletes: to keep in the game, you must stay fit. In order to strengthen our plots and dig deep into our characters, authors have to stretch their minds. We can’t do this by sitting in front of a computer for five to eightContinue reading “When plotting, I walk—and talk.”

Are you kissable? That depends. Are you Iron Man?

    So Zoosk.com, a top online dating service, surveyed more than 3,500 singles to reveal pop culture’s most memorable kisses. And your name didn't make the list. Just kidding. Okay, here are some of the results: The most memorable on-screen smooches of summer 2013 are… 41% of Americans say Tony and Pepper’s lip lock inContinue reading “Are you kissable? That depends. Are you Iron Man?”

Couples Kissing Monday: Coffee Break

  He asked for a little sugar with his coffee.   _________________________________________   The Housewife Assassin's Handbook (Book 1) /Signal Press  NOW FREE! Buy it from  Apple iTunes Bookstore   Read an excerpt…  


Some mid-week petite amusement: As I put the finishing touches on the Book 2 in my Housewife Assassin series (The Housewife Assassin's Guide to Gracious Killing) I'm also having fun re-reading The Housewife Assassin's Handbook. The best thing you can offer your readers is an unexpected–and completely believeable–plot twist. The one you'll read below turnsContinue reading “Great scene in THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK…”

Pretend it’s the last day on Earth. Now, what would you say?

I was speaking to an old friend the other day. She was dreading a very public run-in with some guy she who she had once been attracted to, dated, fell in love with, felt passion for… Then they broke up. The break-up wasn't a "good" one. (The term "good break up" has to be anContinue reading “Pretend it’s the last day on Earth. Now, what would you say?”

One of my favorite John Singer Sargent paintings is entitled “Repose”.

While in Washington, DC for my tour for The Baby Planner, my husband Martin and I had the opportunity to stop into The National Gallery, where I was enthralled by this painting from my favorite artist, John Singer Sargent. He entitled it "Repose." It was a comeback of sorts for Sargent. For over a quarterContinue reading “One of my favorite John Singer Sargent paintings is entitled “Repose”.”

Kiss and Make Up…

My hubby is usually a dreamboat. Except when we fight. On the bright side, I guess you could say that arguing is a form of communication. Or, as Rosanne once said, “You can’t love if you can’t fight.”And Tom Arnold had the bruises to prove it. Sure, there were times when I though a sharpContinue reading “Kiss and Make Up…”

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