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Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives Final

Signal Press
eBook: 9780974021409 (FREE!)

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Trade Paperback:9781942052869
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“Already touted as the perfect summer beach read, this character-driven sometimes steamy book can best be described as the offspring of an affair between Desperate Housewives and a Jennifer Weiner novel….A quick look into the sometimes catty world of wealth where priorities get shifted, friendships get broken and marriages, like their mansions, get rearranged. It was light and fluffy with some excellent dialogue.”

“Fans of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES will love this story.. The quick pace and snappy dialogue make this a fun read.” —Romantic Times 

“Brown's novel offers an enjoyable take on suburban California family life, complete with mommy cliques, rebel teenagers, and, of course, lots of adultery. This is a town where kids have names like Tanner, McGuyver, and Temple; women meet daily at Starbucks to measure themselves against each other, and facials and pedicures are scheduled around school pickups. These women, inside their fishbowl, are fun to peer in on, and the momentum of Brown's writing and plot keeps the pages turning. —Booklist

THE BABY PLANNERThe Baby Planner Vellum Final
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“Brown takes baby mania to its illogical, hysterical extreme in this bubbly romp. But what begins as a light foray into Bugaboo country turns into something bigger than a satire of status-obsessed Bay Area yummy mummies as Brown takes a dark look at the fears of parenthood and family, with Katie's heartbreaking longing for a child unveiling a disturbing reality about her marriage and family. Still, the message from the somber realities is one full of hope: love makes a family, commitment keeps it together.”—Publishers Weekly

We love Josie Brown. Plain and simple. We first fell for her when we read the impossibly delicious Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives, and now we’re falling all over again after consuming her latest fun, funny, and completely satisfying novel, The Baby Planner.” —Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, co-authors, The Good Widow, and The Two Lila Bennetts

hollywood-hunk-pod-tp-coverHOLLYWOOD HUNK
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Trade Paperback: 9781942052425

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“…The tone is confessional, the writing laced with venomous humor…”
—The Wall Street Journal

“Brown captures the humor of working for a megalomaniac…[A] well-paced, entertaining story.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A fine piece of literary work.”
—New York Post, Page Six

“Josie Brown does an outstanding job capturing the glitz and glamour of Hollywood living while illuminating the stark loneliness present beneath the façade. Filled with good-natured humor and witty repartee…”
—Romance Reader's Connection

The Candidate 3rd Ed Vellum Final
Signal Press
eBook I
SBN: 9780974021423

Print Books: 9781942052524

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Seduction and intrigue are rampant on the campaign trail when a political campaign adviser discovers that Washington's power broker elite have embroiled his presidential candidate in a plot involving an act of terrorism on US soil.Democratic political campaign consultant Ben Brinker can’t remember the last time he was excited by a candidate’s vision. He feels he’s lost his way, both emotionally and professionally.

Worst yet, his show-me-the-money policy seems to have finally caught up with him. Two of his recent clients have been disgraced in one way or another: a senator is caught in lurid sex scandal, and a congressman is indicted in a kickback scheme. In no time at all the political pundits are calling Ben a “candidate cooler.” Now Ben is desperate for any campaign gig he can get.

As luck would have it, Andrew Harris Mansfield, the charismatic junior senator from North Carolina and former Marine pilot, asks Ben if he wants to run his soon-to-be-announced campaign for president. Little does Ben know what's in store for Andrew, or their country. Nor does he realize that the key to saving both have been placed in his hands.

“It’s fast paced, and full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing, because as soon as you think you know where she’s going with the story…BAM! she throws you a curve ball. Her characters are smart, snappy and just real enough that you have to wonder who is her DC source. Brown does a great job rounding out her secondary characters as well as painting a great setting so you feel like you’re sitting front and center as the story unfolds around you. If you’re looking for great story that blends suspense, political corruption and romance, look no farther than THE CANDIDATE.”
—Gail Chianese, author, A Navy Homecoming

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“More than a political thriller.A great read, great ride, great book!” —Amazon's Robert D

“Josie lays out the danger immediately and drew me into the story by showing what was at stake. Her characters have depth, enough to which I cared about them or wanted to shake them senseless. This story had me hanging on to the climatic finish, which to me was infinitely satisfying.” —Mystery_Luvr, Barnes & Noble.

“I could not put it down, it was so entertaining I broke my own rule of saving it to read on the treadmill and curled up with as cup of coffee to read!”—Amazon's Raymond F.

“It was exceptional. The title is intriguing, the plot is intriguing, there is never a dull moment. I wish more people would read this book so they would understand how incredibly awesome it is! 5 stars by far!” —Fler, Barnes & Noble

“The book had me from the first chapter and I could not put it down…an easy read.”—Amazon's Jackie A.



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