LizzyDarcyJosie has also co-created a musical based on Jane Austen's celebrated novelPride and Prejudice. Click the link here, to hear the music.

Music and Lyrics: Rita Abrams
Libretto: Josie Brown

Dramatic Agent: Bob Freedman of the Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency


Brown’s adaptation conveys the gist of the (novel) fairly and effectively, and gives some sense of Austen’s sly humor, accentuated by the more whimsical drollery of the musical numbers. In true romantic comedy fashion, these elements initially seem like an odd match but gradually come together into what feels almost like a natural pair.” —Marin Independent Journal

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, THE MUSICAL was greeted with grateful applause. That’s because everyone loves the story; because the songs were tuneful and hummable; because Rita Abrams’ lyrics rhymed hypothesize with philosophize, morose with comatose, and esoteric with hysteric.” —Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle

Rita Abrams’ songs are compelling, delightful, and in the case of the ballads, moving. The book by Josie Brown captures the period of Jane Austen’s world in words. It is a witty, tuneful, and sophisticated show.” —Talkin’ Broadway

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE — THE MUSICAL is funny and inviting right from the title. It is a pleasure and much more from beginning to end. So many things to admire, from the wit, bite and insouciance of Rita Abrams' lyrics to her command of the musical forms that make the piece take wing and soar. The gorgeous Changing World ensemble (and then the differently shaded reprise) were especially fine. The song, Being Married, is a dry martini of double meaning. The production’s wonderfully, darkly charismatic Darcy (David Crane) won the night with his showstopper delivery of his moving torch-song ballad. The transporting final chorus brought the garden-growing end of Bernstein’s Candide to mind. And plenty of other delights along the way.” —Steven Winn, former theatre critic, San Francisco Chronicle

If you are an admirer of Jane Austen’s fiction, and have a soft spot for the more traditional style of American musicals than most of what has been generated on and off-Broadway in the past few decades, then you ought to hop in your car, page an Uber or engage whatever mode of transport you prefer, and head over to Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco waterfront. The show is about as close to a perfect package of script, music directing, performers and overall production quality as one could realistically expect.  From top to bottom, it is an outstanding whole package. Future potential producers: take notice.” —Charles Brousse, The Pacific Sun

This musical does not disappoint. When I listened to the musical I was entranced and I wanted to know more about its creators. I am a music buff and attend many concerts and Broadway musicals. From my perspective, I would pay to see this production.”
—”Ms. Place” of the Jane Austen's World blog