I miss the Oscars! Hopefully, we won’t be missing it next year.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban copy
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (c)2017 Josie Brown. All rights reserved.

A few years back (think LaLa Land) a journalist friend asked me to help him out at the Oscars.

Um….YES! Sign me up!

I'd already written my novel, Hollywood Hunk. There is an Oscars event scene in it, and after being there, I was pleased to see that how I imagined this iconic event was very close to the real deal.

Scarlett Johansson copy
Scarlett Johansson. (c)2017 Josie Brown. All rights reserved.

As someone who'd done celebrity interviews for various newspapers and magazines, I'd already had a few opportunities to interview directors and actors. But this was my first Academy Awards event—and it was INTENSE, to say the least. I got up close and personal with several actors and directors who I admire, and saw their grace, wit, and modesty first hand. It was a thrill and a pleasure to take a few photos up close, and to see them at their best, even if they were anxious how the night would turn out.

In my novel, the heroine—Hannah Fairchild, a daughter of a famous male actor—saw firsthand how her father's vanity and insecurity ruined her relationship with him. But since he's just died and her proverbial wicked stepmother has contested the will, Hannah is down on her luck and needs money. Despite her best judgment, she takes a job as an up-and-coming actor's personal assistant.

Having been the one constant in her father's life, she thinks she can handle Louis Trollope's indefatigable ego, bouts of insecurity, and his incessant womanizing.

Samuel L Jackson copy
Samuel L. Jackson. (c) 2017 Josie Brown. All rights reserved.

In other words, it's her father all over again.

Along the way, she learns what she really wants from life.

I don't know if the Oscars will take place next year. I hope it does because we need things to go back to normal—

Not that walking in a gown and stilettos on a red carpet to accept an award in front of your peers and tens of thousands of television viewers is at all “normal.”

It's the stuff of dreams.

So are books.

And now, more than ever, because we need a break from reality, I hope you enjoy this book—now free.


Yes, I took these pictures of

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban (above), Scarlett Johansson (right), and Samuel Jackson (left). Talk about up close and personal!

HHunkAmzFreeTWBest copy


Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: That Winning Glow

Is-Natalie-Portman-Pregnant-Golden-Globe-Awards This year, when Natalie Portman gets her shot at Oscar gold, her very visible baby bump will be there, front and center–

And swathed in some sumptious designer couture.

That ain't no OshKosh B'Gosh.

As it should be.

Portman won the Golden Globe for her terrifying performance in THE BLACK SWAN, and she's considered the frontrunner for the Best Performace by an Actress Academy Award as well. 

Even if she doesn't win, what a memorable experience she'll have, sharing this wonderful accomplishment with your soon-to-be-born child! The paparrazi will capture her pregnancy glow. The gown she chooses will have been perfectly cut to enhance her beauty (if not her bounty). She'll be able to show her child the pictures from that magical night and say, "See, honey? You were there with me, too!"

Pregnancy is no stranger to the Bald Golden Boy. Click here to trod down Oscar history's red carpeted memory lane…



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Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: Winning Glows

Czj Graceful, glowing, and nine months pregnant, Catherine Zeta-Jones won her Best Supporting Oscar for her role in the bawdy musical, Chicago.

Her flowing gown, black and low-cut with beaded straps, was complimented with a beautiful pare of pink coral earrings from Fred Leighton. The actress's speech included the admission that “My hormones are way too out of control to be dealing with this!”

We felt for you, CZJ (and would have gladly traded places for the night…)




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Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: Winning Glows

Evamariesaint In 1955, Eva Marie Saint wasn't about to let her pregnancy (with her first child, Darrell, whom she delivered two days later) keep her from attending the Academy Awards in order to accept the Oscar for her performance in On the Waterfront.

The gossip columnists of the day weren't cruel enough to diss her for her obvious baby bump. Instead they latched onto this off-the-cuff remark in her acceptance speech: “I think I may have the baby right here!”

Louella Parson called it “tasteless,” whereas Hedda Hopper blamed Saint for “cheapening the ceremony.”

Ha. Today, we'd all be cooing our congratulations at the screen for her double triumphs.




Don't forget to enter the contest for my novel, THE BABY PLANNER  for a chance to win a $100 gift card from you favorite bookstore! .


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Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: Winning Glows

Merylstreep In 1983,  Meryl Streep kept her sixth-month baby bump from the public (she was carrying her actress daughter, Mamie Gummer) with this slimming shimmering pleated gown.

What brought home the gold that matched ensemble was her role in Sophie's Choice.







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Pregnant Moms at the Oscars: Winning Glows

Cateblanchett Among the blessings to be counted in 2008, Cate Blanchett had two Academy Awards (Best Actress for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Best Supporting Actress for I'm Not There) and baby makes three. Her dark blue satin dress was designed  Dries Van Noten gown, which she wore with stilettoes, oversized jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz bling, and a Roger Vivier clutch.






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