Potential Winners for TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES Red Carpet Contest!

  TrueHollywood Lies
And that's not all…

Every day between now and February 26, 2012 — the evening of the event — I'll be giving away digital copies of True Hollywood Lies, gifted from Amazon.com
All you  have to do is read the excerpt, then email back to me at MailFromJosie@gmail.com with the correct answer to the question posed.
Daily winners will be announced by noon the following day, on my Twitter feed and my Facebook Fan and personal pages!
Even if you don't win that day's prize,all correct entries will be held over for the grand prize drawing of a $25 Amazon gift card.
Contest Deadline: Midnight PT, February 26, 2012.

eBook winners will be announced daily.

Grand prize winner will be announced by noon Mon February 27, 2012.

If a movie were made from True Hollywood Lies,
which actor would be perfect for Louis? (1 bonus point). Which actress would be perfect for Hannah? (1 bonus point)

All correct entries are posted here…

Alexandra M
Alli O
Ally R (2/25 winner!)
Amelia M (2/20 winner!)
Anne M
Brenda H. (2/22 winner!)
Cara P (2/21/ winner!)
Chanpreet S
Constance S
Dee C (2/15  winnner!)
Dre B (2/23 winner!)
Hannah M
Heather B (2/19 winner!)
Janna H
Jacqui S
Katy SO
Kit B
Kathryn M (2/18 winner!)
Kimberley M
Laura McL (2/26 winner!)
Lil (2/16 winner!)
 Lydia GG
Maria RB
Marti M
Mary P (2/17 winner!)
Nicole B
Pam VO
Patty S
Rita A
Stacie W
Treva O
Thomasine A (2/24 winner!)
Wanda C