Did Celine Dion Names Her Twins After An American Idol?

CelineDion.jpg Okay, now seriously, how hard is it to name a baby boy or two?

You can pay homage to his grandpa; or perhaps your teen crushes (Marky-Mark? M&M? Nahhhh…)

For pop star Celine Dion and her husband, Rene Angelil, it wasn't an easy call. Seems that they struggled on what to call their two-month-old twin sons for at least a week.

In hindsight, I guess their final choices were good ones. The boys are called Nelson, and Eddy.

Which led me to a very wrong presumption: That she named them after the singer, Nelson Eddy.

For those of you who are too young to remember, Eddy was a baritone whose fame and fortune came from the many musicals he made in the 1930s and 1940s, with co-star Jeannette MacDonald. He also had super-star appeal with bobby soxers, allowing him to cross over into pop music in those decades.

Celeb watcher Lori Shewbridge set me straight (see her comment, below). She points out that, according to PopEater.com, the names are tribute of music producer Eddy Mornay, who worked on Dion's first five albums, and former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Thanks, Lori! In fact, your Li'l Ms. Know-It-All remark wins you a free copy of SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES.

Celine began her singing career at age twelve. Does she have similar tiger mother aspirations for her little guys?

If so, first she'll have to be able to tell them apart.

Or as she jokes with Oprah Winfrey's talk show tomorrow (Monday, February 21, 2011): “Rene said, ‘Listen, people are starting to call me. What's their names? I can't tell them A and B again – that's not working…It's like, ‘Was the hat switched? I thought this was Baby A'. And I'm like, ‘Stop [with] the As and the Bs. I'm going to do C [and] Ds right now. My name is Céline Dion with a C and a D, so don't push me, because I'm close to the edge!'”

We hear ya, Celine.

By the way, it doesn't get any easier. 

Wait until they both get their driver's licenses,



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Wow! Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child.

Victoria beckham is pregnant Posh Spice has a bun in the oven. The big question now is if she's carrying it high, or low.

Supposedly a high baby indicates a girl. And after three boys (isn't that half a soccer team?) Mrs. Beckham deserves a little sugar in her life.

Until she knows for certain, it's anyone's guess, though. The UK Times's answer for more spilling ink (or pixels) on the subject is to drag out some old wives' tales as to how to tell a baby's gender. Okay, I'll bite. Did you know that:

1 – A high one means it's a girl. In direct correlation, a low baby bump means it's a boy.

2 – if the unborn baby's heart rate is above 140, it's a girl… if it's under that figure, it's a boy. (Scientists pooh-pooh this one).

3 – If Victoria's cravings are sweet, its girl; sour means boy. (Another one that have the medical establishment rolling in the aisles.)

4 – If David also puts on weight, a girl is on the way.

5 – If Victoria's face gets plump, it's a girl.

6 – A larger left breast means it's a girl. (Hmmmm….how would plastic surgery affect that one?)

7 – Being in New Age California, my friend Bonnie regularly dangles a mystical pendant over the mother-to-be's palm or belly, and watches its movements. If it moves back and forth, it's a boy, whereas movement round and round means a girl.

8 – If Victoria picks up a spare key from the thin end it's a girl.

9 – Finally: women have good instincts about which they're carrying. In fact, one study found that 71 per cent of mothers-to-be correctly guessed the gender of their baby.

The Hub can do better than that. Thus far he's been right 21 out of 20 times.

The birth he missed? Our daughter's, of course. He claimed he didn't see any pigtails, and that threw him off.

How about you? Have you found any old baby gender wives tales to work? If so, I'd like to hear it.

It's a girl,



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