NaNoWriMo Tip #28: Here’s what to do to keep your story from being a turkey.


Over Thanksgiving weekend–yep, NOW!–the pull of family, friends and great food will lull you away from your daily NaNoWriMo goal of 1,350 words or thereabouts.

The more diligent writers will do what they can to double up on their daily word count prior to this holiday. But if you're actually in charge of the feeding frenzy, you may be AWOL the Tuesday and Wednesday of prior to Thanksgiving as well.

That said, here are some food for thought to help you stay on track over the weekend:

1. Don't beat yourself up for taking time off.
It happens to all writers, published or not. I've known of writers who were under deadline during family illnesses, personal illness, while planning weddings, and even planning funerals. Here's the facts: real life gets in the way. If you're lucky to have family to gather with on this wonderful holiday, be thankful about it. You can write when everything calms down.

2. Like getting on a diet, force yourself to get back into your best writing habits.
In the past, these skills have done the job in the past to keep your creative juices flowing. Don't get lazy; get OCD crazy with them again. It's a regimen, so get back on it, and keep to it.

3. Don't worry about overbaking your manuscript.
Layer in atmosphere. Pack it with nuance. Give us the deets on your characters — by showing, not telling.

In other words, more is more.

So stuff it. Stuff. It. Good.





Question of the day: Did you write on Thanksgiving Day? If so, let me know, so I can celebrate with you (that means an extra piece of pie for us both, so YEA!

Happy Thanksgiving — and happy National Novel Writing Month,

— Josie