When it comes to a boat, what’s in a name?

The boats in the San Francisco Yacht Harbor have wonderfully whimsical names: Irish Whisper. Calico Dragon. Sea Hawk. Kookaburra. Nai'a. Daisy. Escapade. Effie Jane. Portola. Then there's the one named, simply, "Sailboat." Talk about putting things in perspective. — Josie      FREE!THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN'S HANDBOOK Over 150,000 downloads.Find out why readers love it. Amazon iBooks […]

TGIF Excerpt: What do you do when your car goes into a lake?

I've had three near-death experiences in water. The third one occurred when I was fifteen. I drove my boyfriend's car into a lake. To top it off, I can't really swim. Thank God for the dog paddle. The lake was deep, but small enough that I could make it to the side–with the help of […]