#MadMen creator Matthew Weiner discusses the latest episode (#9, “The Better Half”)

I love this illustration for Mad Men. It's the type of illustration you'd find for ads from that mid-60s era.

Notice that Don Draper is both coming and going. I like that the artist has captured his duplicity, his wanderlust, and the fact that there are other Don Drapers out there. 

There are other Don Drapers inside of Don Draper.

I also hate the fact that this is the last season of Mad Men. I'm sure the show's actors realize it's a career high for them, thanks to all the elements that make a show great: the direction, the period detail via set design and costumes, and of course the writing. Writer-Producer Matthew Weiner has created an ensemble of characters who faults and foibles ring true as the catapault through life in an era some of us remember all too nostalgically. Six years ago, as watched the first episode with my son, I remember him commenting, “Wow, the men were really cruel to the women who worked with them.”

Yes, to a great extent, barbaric.

Truly, it set the tone of what was to come.

We love these characters,and we also hate them.

In other words, we feel for them. 

It's why it's great television, and why it's sublime storytelling.

Check out the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, discussing the latest episode (9, “The Better Half”).

— Josie


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Art from the Heart: Housewife, by Duane Hansen

HousewifeDuaneHansen  When reviewing art that uses the American housewife as its subject, I am always in awe at the artists' interpretations of what has been termed "domestic bliss." More often then not, the irony is visualized with the subject in the midst of some act of palpable angst, or perhaps bliss under pressure.

What I love love about "Housewife" by Duane Hansen (1970, polyester and fiberglass, life-sized) is the total air of resignation of his subject.

She's just given up. It's time for a break. Put your feet up, do something to make yourself feel pretty, forget that the kids are driving you crazy and read the latest issue of Redbook instead.

Or, perhaps the hose of her hair dryer has sucked any ability to give a hoot out of her?

I'll admit it, sometimes I feel just like her.

For Mr. Hansen's case, I hope his subject wasn't his wife.

Or his mother.

Then again, he's an artist, and I'm sure anyone who has to clean up his studio would look like this afterward.



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