No More Twitter for Miley Cyrus: What Does That Mean for the Rest of Us Tweeps?

Miley-cyrus-vanity-fair Okay, yeah: I Twitter.

But seriously, who doesn't?

From booksellers to bake shops, If you have any kind of business at all that needs visibility in a cheap (right now, free) way, it's a great way to get out a quick message to a few hundred thousand of your closest friends.

Or twenty (you sad, pathetic soul….Just kidding!)

Some celebs have use this social networking platform very successfully to polish up their tarnished brands. Demi Moore and her hub, Ashton Kutchner are great examples of this.

And, yeah, so was pop songstress Miley Cyrus.

Twitter was the new kid on the block (oh, and by the way, some of them use Twitter, too) after MySpace and Facebook.  But let's face it: MySpace has a stodgy platform and asks too much of you as far as time and effort; and whereas Facebook is easier to use and allows you to actually have text chats with those who like what you write and in turn scrawl on your wall, it has a friend cut-off.

Then you have to open a "fan wall".

Well, la-dee-dah. Can I touch you?

Just kidding. Really I'm jealous of those who've beat my measly FB friend count —

But I digress.

Will her defection kill Twitter? I doubt it. The rest of them (celebrities) and us (pleebs…tweebs?) need it too badly.

As for Miley, I'm sure her mom and dad are happy she's off Twitter. I'm a parent, too, and sometimes I think all this social networking stuff is too too much…

Then again, if she's the primary breadwinner in that family (I'm guessin' not, coz Billy Ray is still a powerhouse, gawd luv'em) that's gonna hurt. I mean, the 'Net is now and happening. Even airplay won't get her peep demo ( 0 to 18) to purchase her downloads.

As for the rest of us, it won't exactly be a feeding frenzy for her heartbroken fans.

Unless they want to console themselves with cupcakes.

Or a good book.

Needless to say, I'm praying for the latter.

So, where will they be able to find li'l Miss Miley? Well, over 1.6 million of her nearest and dearest friends have already found her on Facebook, so you can, too.

Unless she plans on going off the grid totally. If so, it should be interesting to see how long her career lasts then.

I'm guessing though, that even she won't be able to do that. Fame is quite an aphrodisiac, particularly if you've been weened on it since birth.

Granted a kid her age must get tired of being "on" all the time, for an adoring public who can turn on her for the most fickle of reasons, like that beautiful, artistic Vanity Fair cover photo with her dad.

But artists need audiences. If she wants to keep practicing her art, she'll have to keep in the spotlight to do so.

Something tells me Miley will  be back on Twitter, if only to lurk under an assumed name that only her personal peeps (twersonal tweeps?) know.

And I wouldn't blame her in the least,



Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives
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September 2010