Great contest for SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES ! Hop over to (Not Quite) Susie Homemaker!

Autographed copy Authors always love it when others appreciate their books.

No doubt about it I've got a certain fondness for the book bloggstress (Not Quite) Susie Homemaker. She really got to the heart of my novel, SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES, and I so greatly appreciate that — and let her know with a thank you email.

And since she made it clear to her readers that, sorry, this was a book she wanted to hang onto, I offered to send her one for herself, and autograph it; as well as another for one of you, if she ran a contest on her site.

She agreed. In fact, it's a pretty awesome contest: Just comment on her site, and you get one entry. However, if you go to your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Target and shoot a quick snap of my book and send it to her, you get 10 – yep, count 'em, 10! — entries.

Oh yeah, and my kid will come over and do yard work for you….

Nope, don't get your hopes up! Just kidding….(he won't do it in my yard, either. There is a reason why we're known as the scary house on the block….)

So, get on over to Target, B&N or Borders, so that I can write something sweet in your book!

I <3 Susie,


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"Hollywood's got nothing on the cast of characters living in
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and scandal of an OK! Magazine cover story. Josie Brown is a skilled
observer whose clever dialogue and feisty style make for truly
entertaining reading."

, bestselling author of Hollywood Wives and Poor Little Bitch Girl

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